A Message from Olwen Hunt (Sowerhill)

Stephanie and Stephen Wood write:

'Prior to Bath Champ Show this weekend Stephen and I went down to visit and stay over with Olwen Hunt. We were so pleased to see her, it had been a while since we had seen her in person. We did some catching up etc. As you know, she has been unable to show and breed her beloved Sowerhills, or even attend shows. As you can imagine she misses this very very much ! She still has her lovely Sowerhill Sintra at 12 and half years old. As she said herself if she loses Sintra it will be the first time since 1939 that she has been without an Irish Setter! She asked us to pass on her kind regards and thoughts to all of her friends'


We understand that Olwen keeps in touch via the dog press and this website and on behalf of all of you we send our kindest regards to her and, of course, Sintra.

We will be happy to publish here any greetings that you wish to send back to her.



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