"Following a meeting between Professor Ed Hall, Chairman of the Breed Health Committee, Dr Cathryn Mellersh. Canine Genetics Research Group Leader from AHT and Dr Jeff Sampson, Genetics consultant to the Kennel Club we have been advised by Ed Hall that in addition to the 7 dogs which have been identified with PRA rcd4 there are 3 more having "mid-onset" PRA and which do not have rcd1 or rcd4. 

Any Irish Setter with suspected sight problems can have DNA testing free-of-charge if the sample sent to the AHT is accompanied by a certificate from a veterinary ophthalmologist confirming PRA ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy).

To get your dog tested for PRA by an ophthalmologist you will need to see your vet first and ask for a referral to an eye specialist."

“With respect to a control programme, Jeff recommended (for a period to be decided on, depending on prevalence) that CARRIERS could still be mated to CLEARS as long as the progeny was tested.  AFFECTEDS should not be bred from.”

Information supplied by Gill Kennedy-Sloane and Gillian Townsend


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