Marita Bott

Have a look at this fascinating website:

and type in something like Red Setter, Irish Setter or Crufts and have a look at some of the old footage of dogs shows and events from many years ago. I particularly liked the Clonmel Dog Show 1931 which features an Irish with a litter at the beginning (presumably litters were allowed in shows in those days as there are several groups of very young puppies featured at shows). Only problem is that they have incorrectly listed some of the breeds that are featured in the films at the side, so it is a case of watching it to see what comes up

Another interesting piece of footage  is called Gundogs 1932 showing a pack of about 50+ pointers, setters, Labradors all living together.
Crufts 1964 where an English Setter goes Best in Show is also worth a look. Guaranteed you will waste hours looking at them all!     

Marita Bott


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