Fearnley Fire Messenger Sh.CM


JoJo      21/8/1997-16/10/2011

John and Angela Ord write:

Although we don’t attend many championship shows JoJo won BPIB at Paignton championship show in 1998 and locally was very successful at open shows especially as a youngster when he won a RBIS.  He constantly won Best Of Breeds and had group placings and we had loads of fun at Companion shows. 

He lived life in the fast lane and was a character until the end.  His daily runs were often heart stopping for us as he never learned ‘look before you leap’ and would jump over anything not knowing what was on the other side, sheer drops, brambles, water, mud, you name it he had been pushed, dragged, untangled from it all.  Just days before he died he ventured down a riverbank and tumbled to the bottom and had to be pushed back up, once at the top he shook himself and on again as if nothing had happened.  He loved to swim in the pools on Bodmin moor and his favourite was Watergate Bay beach where David Dalton captured some special pictures of him in action, (see ISBC yearbook 2001, page 169).  At home he was in charge of everyone, in later years we could only trim him and cut his nails when he was out on a walk so the scissors and nail clippers went everywhere with us too.  He has left a huge gap in our home and hearts and we thank Pat for letting us have him.