Irish Setter Artists Model Required

 UPDATE Peter writes:

I will be in touch personally with everyone who contacted me, but for now a big Thank You to everyone for contributing. I will keep you informed of progress. Never expected that the response would be so spontaneous!

Peter Jones writes:

I wonder if you may be interested to give me some help. I am a painter of dogs and wildlife, and I have an opportunity to participate in a small exhibition opening at Easter. I have painted many head and shoulder portraits in the past, but for my exhibition I wanted to do a couple of life size (or near to it) paintings of iconic standard breeds. I have just finished a dachshund and now I hoped to do a spaniel, Irish setter or similar

Would you possibly be able to put this email on a notice board, or forward it to anybody in the S.W. or N.W. London areas who may have a dog I could photograph for this purpose. If the painting is successful then the owner would  be given a print with my gratitude, and of course any photos that they wished to keep.

If someone should already have a photograph that they feel shows off their dog well, that would be all the better, and judging by the photos in the snow competition there is no shortage of beautiful dogs and excellent photographers! For my purpose I need a sharp picture with clear detail in the eyes, feet and tail. With many thanks.

Yours sincerely

Peter Jones

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