Peter Rowlands Retirement

Barbara Kay writes.

I have just received a letter from Peter Rowlands,

In it he says that he would like to thank all the people in the North West for taking time to think of him in both his rolls as Chair of  North Wales Gundog, and Secretary of the Irish Setter Club of Wales.

He says the presentations were something of a surprise and  it was so unexpected to receive the gifts from the people he has known for may years and who have attended all the shows that the organised. 

Peter went on to say that he and Jean  were just thinking of all the different people who, over the years, had been on the committees of the ISCW and The Gundog Club of North Wales and were no longer with us..

He  asked me to say thanks and pass on his appreciation to all the people.

He also says he hopes both clubs will continue to flourish and do a lot for the world  of dogs.

Barbara  Kay (Berfield)