Photos of Championship Show Winners


This website is for people who show Irish setters, are interested in the Irish setter show results and  Irish setters in general. It is your website and would not exist without you, the public, who kindly supply information to  us.

We do all the work voluntarily and, contrary to popular belief, we do not receive payment of any kind for  the millions of hits on this website.

We intend to continue to maintain and develop new features, enhancing  enjoyment of this site and also sponsor competitions and shows using any revenue obtained from advertising. We feel that it would be inappropriate to use the income for anything else because the  information is supplied to us by you the public

However,  from now onwards, we are only going to post photographs of winning dogs  from Championship shows  that are sent in to us by  owner of the CC & Res CC winners unless  we have recent photographs or are photographing at the show ourselves

So if you want a photo of your dog or bitch winning CC or Res.CC or Best Puppy,  at a Championship Show,  on the website then it is up to you to send it to us immediately after the show so we can keep the website up-to-date.

We can  include all four winners (plus Best Puppy)  on the front of our website but only if you all send photos. This way you will all get a current photograph of your dog that you particularly like featured on the website.

This means, therefore, that if we do not get photos from owners of the CC winners we will feature the Res.CC photos only or Best Puppy, depending on what we receive. It is up to all of you now.

If there are no pictures of any of the main winners received then the show will not be posted on the front page of the website.

Please remember you must have the permission of the photographer to send photos  for publication on our website and we will  assume that you have obtained this permission before sending.

Regretfully, because of the amount of work involved, we have to restrict show results posted to the United Kingdom and Ireland  and  cannot include results from Europe and the rest of the world.

NOTE: This is for Championship Show Results only and we are happy to continue publishing any photos sent in for other sections of the website, including Open Shows.