Many Congratulations to

Glenlaine The Best Man (Alfie)  

On passing his Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Award on 26 July.


Barbara Gladwish writes:

There were initially 10 in our group but one didn't sit the test.  Of the remainder only one did not pass - so a very successful test day.

It was a long day as the test started at 10am and we didn't finish until after 2pm! We had a short lunch break and to give the dogs a play around, great fun to see them all playing and running together.

Alfie did extremely well and I only had to re-take one of the exercises - my fault really as I fell over him on the off the lead heelwork!

 I had to change my training approach with Alfie as he is so different to Harry. Must have got it right as everybody said how different he was and so in tune with me.

Alfie is owned by Barbara Gladwish.


Alfie is owned by Barbara Gladwish.


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