Update on Ringo 2 February

RINGO  - Update 2 Feb 13 –

 Ringo is doing well and his face is healing nicely.  Although he isn't putting on weight as yet - blood tests have been done, and thankfully all is normal.  He did had a good scoff of some luncheon roll that happened to be in the surgery!  As such, Keira, the vet, reckons that he's just having too much fun and burning off a lot of the calories he consumes!

Ringo has come on leaps and bounds in terms of confidence, and within just a few days in his foster home, his character has come out so much more.  He gets on very well with the two resident dogs, a very gentle male Setter/Lab cross and a female St Bernard/Lab cross, and has no problem whatsoever with the cats – he pretty much ignores them.  In view of this, we now feel he would thrive in the company of other well-balanced and gentle dog(s) - Ringo seems to have learned very quickly from them that he can feel safe.

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Please take a moment to read this case and see if you can help Ringo and provide him with the one to one care he so richly deserves.  If you can please contact Phil Cater  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :


Ringo was shot at close range. His injuries were horrific, and went untreated for some time, as the skin around his flew was black and shredded. He was picked up in Laois in Ireland.
Keira, the vet who saved his life, stayed with him all night treating him. Ringo, estimated to be around two years old, is currently in the very good hands of Laois Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in a foster home, and learning that not all people are unspeakably evil as the one he encountered. He will be homed - in due course - jointly by LSPCA and the ISBC Rescue Scheme.

We need a really dedicated owner for this brave boy, with no other animals or children, as he requires undivided attention, and likely needs continuing care related to his injuries. Charities associated with the ISBC Rescue Scheme may be able to meet the costs of any continuing care if required. While Ringo's story is bound to provoke very strong reactions of sympathy from all who read it, we must insist on an really exceptional and experienced home for him, once his immediate medical treatments have finished. He deserves nothing less.

06-13 Ringo 3
06-13 Ringo 4

Administrators note:  These photos were taken after Ringo had received hours of dedicated surgery and care.  We felt that the photo of him before surgery showing his extensive injuries was too graphic to include on this website.

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