Animal Health Trust PRA-rcd4 DNA Testing Discount Code

Following several requests another Discount Code has been secured and offers  a 20% Discount on all PRA-rcd4 DNA Tests  ordered between 22nd February 2013 and 31 March 2013


The website address is

and the discount code is



Please be advised that the code must be used exactly as given – with upper case letters and no spaces

anyone can use it but it must be between the stated dates.

At Step 4 (CLIENT INFO), just below the word Checkout there is an orange box with ADD A COUPON written. Click on that box and you go to a page called Shopping Basket where there is a space to add a Discount Code. Put the code in the box and click on the words ADD A COUPON in the orange box next to it. Click on RECALCULATE in the orange box to get the price with the Discount Code. It is a condition of that discount that 20 or more samples are submitted during the time that the Coupon Code is active, so if you are thinking of testing one of your setters now is your chance.

Please note that the Coupon Code must be entered exactly as it is entered here NLFPK1161 without any spaces and with capital lettering.