House fire kills 2 beloved Irish Setters:

Pat and Danny Morgan write:

We were deeply touched by the donations and words of sympathy received from the exhibitors at the recent ISAE championship show also phone calls and cards and monetary gifts. We feel very humbled.
The girls we so tragically lost were Phoebe (Deaconara Blue Sonata 1rcc) aged 4, and Piper (Dancin Candle in the Wind) aged 7 but never shown. To loose any dog through old age or illness is bad enough and never ever gets any easier to let them go, but to loose 2 beautiful girls in such a horrific way there are no words for the feelings we have now and it will torture us for the rest of our lives - to be a recurring living nightmare. No amount of time will ease the pain.
Also in the fire we lost all our ISAE and ISBC year books, newsletters along with so many photos of all our show dogs. We would be extremely grateful if any one has any photos of them over the years to get in contact with us.
We miss you so dreadfully Phoebe and Piper and you will remain in our hearts for ever. Run free with all your Deaconara and Renemau family
until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.


On behalf of you all we send our  sincerest sympathies to Pat and Danny on their tragic loss.