Animal Health Trust DNA Testing for PRA-rcd4 -  20% Discount Code

There is a 20% Discount code running at the Animal Health Trust for the next few weeks.
Anyone who wishes to test an individual Irish Setter or a whole  Litter can use this discount.
Please follow the  AHT directions below.

Your Coupon Code for a 20% discount is given below with the dates it will be valid from and to. The code can be used  on our Webshop (  The Coupon Code is used as follows:-At Step 4 (CLIENT INFO) click on ADD A COUPON. You will be transferred to SHOPPING BASKET where there is space to add a Promotional Code. Put the code in the box and click on  ADD A COUPON. The Webshop calculates the new price, including the discount.  Please note that the Coupon Code must be entered exactly as it is given to you, without any spaces and with capital lettering.

Please Note that this discount code can also be used on a DNA test for rcd-1

Coupon Code: VTNYT1262
Begins: 6 February 2014     Ends  31 March 2014