Hemangenoma in Irish Setters
Sheena Kurring Writes:

last Wednesday I had a near tragedy and nearly lost my young boy Connor, Atron Limited Design at Lymish, I noticed on the inside of Connors back leg a few weeks ago what I thought was a tick on closer inspection it was a very small bluish blob attached by a thread to his leg, I rang the vet as it changed colour to skin tone and he advised it to be a cyst and to let him know if anything changed, over a couple of weeks it grew to the size of a penny piece but was not bothering him so the vet left it alone, last Wednesday I got up early in the morning 4am let the dogs out as usual then went back to bed, after a few minutes Rob my other half got up, yelled for me and then shot back down the stairs, I was confronted with a slaughterhouse my patio was puddles and rivers of blood as far as I could see, I rang the emergency vet and rushed him in at which point we were 15 minutes from losing him as he had bled out so much, the vet said that the 'Cyst' had burst, we had tourniqued it and it took them an hour to stop him bleeding, they then had to put him on a drip and transfuse him to enable them to operate at lunch time apparently this 'cyst was attached to the major artery along the inside of his leg, they operated and thankfully now hes fine, the vets seen him this morning and apparently its something called a Hemangenoma thankfully non cancerous, but lethal as its a collection of blood vessels that branch off an artery or vein and cause this small growth, which under its own steam then bursts, the reason I am writing is to warn other Irish owners sometimes its the smallest things that can be so lethal and also to thank everyone who enquired after him when he was missing on Saturday from Blackpool and the many kind wishes for his recovery, I shall be keeping an eye on him like a hawk in future, and insisting any little lumps and bumps are immediately looked at