A  note from Brian McAvoy about  the effect  of the Oak Processionary Moth on Dogs.

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Brian Writes:

At yesterday's health meeting I brought up the topic of the oak processionary moth, caterpillars, and their effect on dogs which can catastrophic.

   At the end of the meeting,Maggi Henderson ( I.S.B.C.Sc.) suggested that I forward the info to you in order to go on your web site. the attachments are from the forestry commission web site showing life cycle and current area's of infection.

With regard to dogs, contact with the hairs or nests etc.causes irritation on the pads which they then lick, this can lead to necrosis of the tongue needing amputation, ingestion causes inflamation in the lungs and airway, there also a chance of liver and renal failure leading to death.

   As you can see from the map this currently a problem in and around the London area, although the annual spread can up to 10km's per annum dependant on weather conditions.


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