Lost Irish Setter - Dorset

Sadly Victor has still not been found. He has been missing since 18 March.  If any of you have any information at all as to his whereabouts please get in touch. He is 17 months old.
His owners just want to know what happened to him.  You can contact us  through bardonhill.com and we will pass on any information, in confidence, whether it be good or bad.  Someone out there must know what happened to him.  Please let us know.  Thank you.

An Irish Setter owner is appealing for help after her beloved pet went missing. Victor was last seen on Friday at 6pm at Hursey near Beaminster. His owner said Victor needs medication and had not eaten all Friday. He is microchipped and has telephone numbers on a disc attached to his collar. Anyone with information is asked to call 01308 868949 or 07745 572196, with his owner offering a reward for anyone who returns him





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