For all of those who didn't notice that the news article below was posted on 1 April, yes it was an April Fools spoof!
HOWEVER I am sure if there are any film directors out there, thinking of a re-make of Big Red, you never know Nilsson and Diane might just be tempted..................


Next Stop Hollywood for Nilsson.

Movie News:

nilsson 010416
We understand  there is going to be a re-make of the film, ‘Big Red’, originally
released by Walt Disney, and  that auditions have already taken place.

Nilsson, Sh.Ch./Ir.Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW,
was invited to audition and screen tests have already been taken, both of him
and Diane Stewart-Ritchie, for parts in the movie.

  Nilsson will take the starring role of Big Red,
alongside a top young star whom, we are told, is a well known household name.
Diane wouldn’t reveal who it was but did hint that she was very excited that she has also
been offered a small part in the film herself and will play Therese the housekeeper.

The part of  the  boy, Rene Dumont, was played by Gilles Payant and
Big Red was played by
Champion Red Aye Scraps in the original 1962 Disney film.
The film, based on a story by Jim Kjelgaard, was originally set in Quebec, Canada
and the re-make is set in a similar location.
It is due for release early next year and expected to premiere in
Leicester Square, London in the spring of 2017.

Watch this space - we will tell you all more news as soon as details are finalised.
Good luck Diane and Nilsson. Hollywood  and the Red Carpet Beckons.


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