Statement from Marita Bott

Just for the record, the article in Dog World ( about Victor the missing Irish Setter is incorrect.

I, Marita Bott, Bardonhill Irish Setters, did not breed Victor as Dog World states. He was a setter that I bought in by me from another breeder for show.

As happens, occasionally, unfortunately he developed entropian so was operated on successfully by my own vet. He had no further health problems afterwards whilst with us and was not on any medication when we decided to find him a home as a companion.

Being an honest breeder, I decided to find Victor a nice home. He was not sold, but given without any payment whatsoever, to his new owner after careful vetting by both his breeder and myself, and all of his paperwork except for his inoculation certificate was withheld by us.

I have no idea why Dog World or his owner would want to incorrectly name me as Breeder or state that he was still suffering from ‘Bi-Lateral Entropian’ but if the reference is not removed immediately and I receive a printed apology from Dog World newspaper I will take action against them.


Update: The article on Dog World has now been amended and the reference naming me as the breeder has been deleted.  I am still awaiting an official written apology from the editor of this newspaper


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