Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs’ Championship Show
Hosted by the Irish Setter Association, England
Sunday 5th June 2016, in conjunction with Southern Counties Championship Show

The following information is aimed at exhibitors entered at the Joint Show on 5th June.  For those exhibiting at Southern Counties, this information should be read in conjunction with information supplied by Southern Counties Canine Association regarding judging at their show.


80 dogs (making 105 entries), and 89 bitches (making 114 entries).

Car Parking

Car Parking for Exhibitors and Spectators is free.  There is no requirement for a car park pass to display on entry to the showground/in your car.

Entry to the Show/Exit from the Show

No admission pass is required for entry to the show.  However, you will require a pass to remove your dog(s) from the show at the end of the day.  If you have entered Southern Counties you will need your Southern Counties removal pass to leave the show.  If you have only entered the Joint Show we will supply you with the required number of removal passes on the day.

Catalogues, Bench Numbers and Ring Numbers

The ISAE will have a table by the rings for the joint show from where catalogues can be collected. You will also need to collect your bench numbers from the table to display on your bench(es) during the Joint Show.  The ISAE table will be open to collect information from 9.30am.  Ring numbers will be handed out in the ring at the start of each class.


Dogs which are entered for Southern Counties will be allocated a bench in connection with that show in the usual manner.  The required number of additional benches for dogs entered only at the Joint Show will be allocated to the breed, without numbers.  Exhibitors will be able to bench their dogs on these benches as they wish.  The ISAE will provide bench numbers relating to the each dogs number within the Joint Show for exhibitors to display on their benching.  Obviously if there are absentees dogs can be benched on the corresponding spare bench, provided the correct ring number for the joint show is displayed.


The Joint Show will be judged in two rings directly adjacent to the two rings allocated for Irish Setters at Southern Counties.

Judging Times

Please check your information from Southern Counties for confirmation of the start time for judging for that show.  Judging for the Joint Show will not commence before 11.30am.


Change of referee – Mr R Bott (subject to Kennel Club confirmation).


There will be a raffle on the day.

Show Results

Results and photos will be available on the ISAE website:

Directions to the Showground by Car
The Newbury Showground is at the junction of the M4 and the A34 about 2 miles north of Newbury.

From the East or West
you come off the M4 at Junction 13 and take the A34 north, signposted to the Newbury Showground and Oxford.  The slip road for the Showground is just 300 yards from the junction.

From the South

you go underneath the motorway at Junction 13 and leave the A34 by the slip road as above.

From the North

take the East Ilsey turn off the A34 if signposted – the junction after the one for Clifton.  Follow the sign for Compton, then Hampstead Norrey, then Hermitage and Newbury.  Turn right into Priors Court Road signposted Chieveley just after you leave Hermitage.  If you miss the turning to East Ilsey go down to Junction 13, passing the showground on your left, come right around the roundabout underneath the junction and take the slip road as above.

Dogs in Hot Cars
Exhibitors are reminded that their dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high temperature and even on days considered as slightly warm.  Please take care of your dog.  If your dog is found to be at risk forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.Southern Counties officials will be patrolling the car park at all times and will raise concerns regarding any dogs in cars in the usual manner.rmation for Exhibitors


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