Congratulations to Jay - Kennel Club Gold Citizen Award


Congratulations to Jay owned by Sue & Baz Pearson on Jay achieving his Kennel Club Gold Citizen Award at the fantastic age of 10 years.
Jay was adopted by Sue & Baz when he was 9 years old.

Sue Writes:

We got through Bronze and Silver fairly smoothly, but just after I'd enrolled for the Gold, my elderly Father (88), who I was already heavily committed to, had a fall, so routine went out the window.  Consequently, I attended less than half the meetings.  I was reduced to 'juggling' and cramming in some training time when and if I could.  So, I was absolutely delighted that of the four animals put through for testing, Jay was the only success!

Jay is an absolute treasure.  And so active.  It's hard to believe he's turned ten.


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