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At East of England Championship show on sunday  a  friend of mine who shows Spinone's but who also has Irish setters was sitting round the Irish setter bitch ring with her Spinone,  she has been the victim of threatening letters  to remove her dog from the ring  or suffer the consequences and was sitting round the Irish setter ring in an attempt to avoid any possible attacks on her dog.

However someone was still able to drop tablets into the dogs water bowl and on the ground near where she lay with no concern as to whose dog picked these up. The tablets have been sent away for analysis  but if anyone who was there remembers seeing the Spinone and anyone acting remotely suspiciously near her please  contact kirsty williamson  at the email address below  and she will pass the message on you can remail anonymous if you wish but this person must be stopped before they injure any dogs.

 Kirsty Williamson

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