Crufts Catalogues go online

The Kennel Gazette, October 2010 edition, reports that all Crufts Catalogues are now online and open to view.

This fascinating facility is like opening  a time machine for some of us 'oldies' but will also prove an invaluable aid for anyone researching to trace ancestors in their pedigrees.

I had a trawl through some of the Irish Setter entries in the early ones and you may be interested to know  what 'specials' were on offer at the time.
For example, in the 1901 Catalogue there were lots of specials on offer including one  Special Prize of 'One Dozen Bottles of Champion Gold Medal Cider, value One Guinea, for Best Irish Setter Novice Dog or Bitch.

Prize Money Was on offer as well:  1st - £2;  2nd - £1  3rd - 10 shillings - a lot of money then and certainly more than we get now.
There were some Irish Setters offered for sale in the catalogue too (this was quite a  common practise back then),  priced from £10 to £250 - a fortune at that time.

Thanks to the Kennel Club  - this is a very interesting  and informative website  if you have a few hours to spare

Have a look on

Now wouldn't it be just  wonderful if all the Breed Clubs opened their archives and did the same................?


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