By Marita Bott

Following on from Walter's Christmas money eating story, we now present the follow-up - Ida's Easter Egg Story:

Last Sunday night I took all the dogs down the field last thing and when putting them into bed found one little girl was missing. I returned to the house to find Ida sheepishly just coming down the hall so, thinking nothing of it, I took her out and then put her to bed with the others.

On returning to the lounge later I found the Cadburys Cream Egg box, removed from the table, and lying empty on the sofa. Despite a thorough search, there was no other evidence, no silver foil or chocolate crumbs or anything apart from a very small smear of the cream filling on the throw. When I checked with Ian we agreed that only 4 of the 12 eggs had been eaten by us so Ida had consumed a whopping EIGHT eggs including wrappers!

Knowing the problems with dogs eating chocolate, I was quite concerned that she would become very ill and kept a close eye on her for a couple of days.

Was she egg-bound? not a bit of it - Ida showed absolutely no signs of any distress at all and wasn't ill in the slightest!

Can you imagine eating 8 cream eggs at one go, makes you feel queasy just thinking about it and brings a whole new meaning to the Cadbury slogan 'here today gone tomorrow!'

Giving chocolate to dogs is definitely not a practice any of us recommends so please do watch your setters especially over Easter.  


Marita Bott


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