Beware of Puppy Buying Scam

We have been informed of a puppy buying scam that is currently in operation and it works like this.

An initial enquiry was made from  a Doctor who says he is a medical practitioner with the World Health Organization in Sweden and he is seeking a loving dog/bitch for his family in Dubai.  He also enquires about vaccinations

When a quotation for a puppy is given a reply from the doctor confirms he is interested and that a professional vet handler will be coming to collect the puppy once the payment arrangement has been completed.

He then actually sent a cheque for £2,550 to the breeder which was quickly followed by an email saying  that this was a mistake and shouldn't have included the shipment  costs as the puppy was now going to be collected. Therefore would she kindly refund the excess amount to the handler and said further directives on where the remainder of the shipment money should be sent would be arranged.

The breeder  involved fortunately waited to see if  the cheque for £2,550 was cleared whereupon it was subsequently found to be false.

So please be aware if you receive any similar email enquiries.