Is This A First?
Is this a First this

Vets have been puzzled by a litter of Irish Setters, born in the UK, that has produced two puppies with a genetic
variation that has produced a coat colour that is slightly tinted a pinkish colour

Geneticists think that is a throw back to the original sporting spaniels who were crossed to produce the Irish setter. They say this mutation definitely has appeared before in North America apparently on 4.1.1931 and, although the veterinary records are not clear as to the outcome of the puppies at that time, it would suggest that this colouration has been carried via recessive gene present in many of the current breeding lines but it has not appeared again until this litter.

Many thanks to their owner who so kindly sent us this photo. She hopes that this will be the beginning of a new colour variation in Irish Setters and intends to register them as Rosé colour with the Kennel Club. We wish her every success with her new venture.

For more information or if you are interested in owning this new and rare colour variation we can forward messages to owner via link below:

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