Save Open Shows – Sponsor an Open Show
With the falling number of Irish Setters entering Open Shows, the number of societies closing and classes being taken off. I think it is time to start a campaign to support and promote our local canine societies scheduling classes..

If all of you sponsored the Irish Setter Classes at just one Open Show each year and worked to get the entry in for the society we will all benefit in the long run. The increased number of exhibits is also crucial for new judges trying to gain ‘hands-on’ numbers for the judging lists too.


I am kicking this off by sponsoring the Irish Setter classes at Heckington Show on 29 July this year. This is a lovely show to visit, the largest village show in the country. It is situated on east of Sleaford on the A17 postcode is: NG34 9RA. The judges haven’t been announced yet but I will post a link for schedules as soon as I have further information.

Please let us know about any open shows you are sponsoring too. Tell us what you are doing and we will give them a free mention on to promote the society.

I hope you all agree, It is time to turn the tide and save our Irish Setter Classes at open shows.

ISAE Winners Match: Update
Following enquiries from those who would like to attend the Winners match, but who, for a variety of reasons are unable to stay for the evening dinner, we are now able to offer a limited number of entries to the match only for an entry fee of £15.00 per dog.  Such entries can be made on the entry forms already circulated to eligible dogs, with a note added to say ‘match only’.  The fee of £15.00 per dog should accompany all entries.  The closing date for the entries remains 10th February 2017

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