Sh.Ch. Aoibheannes Say No More

Eva Ciechonska writes:

aoibheannes say no moreVera
21.2.15 - 10.11.17

Friday 10th November I finally had to say goodbye to my wonderful, exquisite and irreplaceable Vera. 

What started as kennel cough after the ISAE developed into pneumonia and viral sepsis, progressing through her body and subsequently affecting her muscles and internal organs, including her heart. We could not save her. 

Vera was always going to stay. She was a beautiful puppy and a great character from the very beginning. Constantly up to no good, she did everything with a twinkle in her eye and on her own terms. You could never tell Vera to do anything, you had to ask her and she would occasionally and graciously comply. She loved life, she loved to show and she took her big personality into the ring. 

Her career began with a best puppy at City of Birmingham at just over 6 months of age. She was awarded her first CC with BOB by Silke Lohkamp-Sommer at Windsor 2016 when only 16 months old. Her 2nd CC came a month later from Viveca Vamplew at Paignton and her crowning third this year at the ISCW from Barry Shapter with RBIS, winning the mid limit bitch class at Crufts along the way.  She was only 25 months. Vera spent the summer out of the ring enjoying just being a dog and waiting for her coat to grow back. The ISAE was to be her first show back and tragically it was to be her last. Bless her, she rose to the occasion taking her 4th CC from Judi Frampton, with RBIS. 

She was an absolute joy to live with and to show. For me there will never be another like her. She packed so much into her short and awesome life. I am so thankful for all the wonderful memories we had together. They will last forever.


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