A very big thank you to ISCS. Its officers and committee for the invitation to judge this prestigious club championship show. Thank you for looking after me. Special thanks to my stewards Don and Brian and the photographer Linzie for all your hard work. Deeply appreciated.

I must comment on the fact that sadly our breed has now been ‘demoted’ down the stud banding, solely on the number of Irish Setters being shown at Champ. Show level and no reflection at all in regard to overall quality within the breed currently being shown.

I personally found improvement in the breed particularly with regard to the hindquarter length and angulations producing good strong driving action on the move.
There is (in my opinion) need for some improvement on forequarters. Some exhibits lacking pronouncement in fore chest (sternum) and enough length and balance of upper arm to shoulder. Your hands can tell you the facts, different to what your eyes may think they see.

1 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie, Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket. Good head and eye. Lovely low set ears. Nice length and arch to neck. Good front and rear quarters. Well proportioned body. Nice rich coat.
2 Holehan, Loganirish Lets go Crazy, Different ‘type’ smoother coat finish than the other two. Nicely balanced all through. Good fore and rear angulations. Neat tight feet.
3 Hall, Harreds Stanley, so much to like about this boy. Good angulations. Well boned. Good deep brisket. Nice fore chest. Personally I would like a bit more reach to the neck.

1 Lees, Leesett Orchard Romance. Giving his handler a hard time. A well grown but nicely balanced young man. Nice head, eye and ear set. Good reach of neck fitting cleanly into withers. Nice gently sloping topline. Scores well on length and bend of stifle, neat short hocks. Pleased to award him BPD and BP in Show against strong competition.
2 Williamsons, Bluesprings Picture This. Developing very nicely. Good angulations all-round, unlucky to meet one.
3 Davis and Davis, Grayrigge Mystral Wind with Alansett. A lot to like about him, not as well grown or mature as one or two.

1 Edwards, Gwendariff Ucantmissme Bonhomie. Lovely well balanced young man Good correct angulation all-round, clean over shoulders, lovely gently sloping natural topline. Good tailset. Standing he shows good balance and strength without any hint of coarseness. Good steady true correct movement.
2 Pym, Bott and Milligan-Bott, Thendara Marshmello. Different ‘type’ to one but again well balanced and correctly angulated all-round. Well pronounced sternum, good deep chest. Again showing good strong body proportions without coarseness moved with positive rear drive.
3 Richardson Gwendariff I’m Fool proof

1 Stewarts Staratlanta Out Of Time. Nice well chiselled balanced head, correct eye and low ear set. Good reach and arch of neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, gently sloping topline and correct set on of tail. Good fore chest and good depth of brisket, nicely sprung ribs. Correctly well angulated all-round. Good neat tight feet. Moved sound and true with good front reach and strong rear drive. Developing nicely.
2 Lucas, Kerryfair Love On the Rocks Amberlight. Again a well made young dog, still developing, has all the correct attributes plus a real Irish Mischievousness.
3 Dewar, Gwendariff Willy Wont He.

1 Davis, Grayrigge Mystral Wind With Alansett. Third in puppy, a lot to like, but hope he grows on.
2 Hughes,Gwendariff U R Going Places. Still very much ‘work in progress’ needs to develop on. Has very good rear quarters angulation and nice short hocks. Needs time.


1 Richardson, Gwendariff I’m Fool Proof. Third in Junior correctly proportioned very elegant youngster. Moved well.
2 Hughes, Gwendariff U R Going Places.
3 Nicol, Southlarch Sunnis Boy.

1 Holehan, Loganirish Prosecco.
2 Lucas, Kerryfair love On The Rocks Amberlight.
Two nicely made dogs with totally different coat finishes. Both have good correct angulation all-round. Personally I would like a little more weight on first, but he won the class on better all-round movement. Unfortunately second decided again to give his handler a hard time.

1 Boyce, Forfarians Secret Admirer. A new one to me. Lovely sound well made dog. Well chiselled head with soft expression, good eye and lovely low set ears. Strong muscular slightly arched neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, nice gently sloping topline. Good fore chest and a good deep chest with well sprung ribs, strong muscular loin. Correct fore and rear quarters angulation. Stands on neat tight feet. Moves sound and true. Lovely finish to coat. One to watch.
2 French, Diervilla Zen Power. Nice honest type of setter, no exaggerations, not quite the reach of neck as one. Well boned and scores well on rear end angulation.
3 Dewar, Gwendariff Here I Come.

1 Boyce, Forfarians Secret Admirer. Winner of GD further proving himself.
2 Drinkwater, Brabook (believe this should be Brabrook) Whispered. For me he needs a little more time to mature on, however he is well balanced with correctly angulated fore quarters and good strong correct rear quarters with nice short strong hocks. For me he is a dog you need to have your hands on to feel the really good depth of chest. The way his coat lay could deceive the eye. Well off for bone and moves well, unfortunate to meet one.
3 Williamson, Caskeys Solar Eclipse At Bluesprings.

1 Edwards, Gwendariff PS I love You Bonhomie. Outstanding, eye catching well balanced dog. Nice head, soft expression, low set ears and a good reach of neck fitting cleanly into shoulders leading on to a lovely gently sloping topline. Well boned, very good correct front and rear angulation.Good length and bend of stifle and nice short hocks. A very smooth (correct) flat silky coated dog, nicely feathered. Nothing hidden, what you see is what you get. Good sound correct movement. A very good strong challenge and a very well deserved reserve CC
2 Lucas, Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW. A very well made dog that moves so positive, correct and true. For me a good ‘old fashioned’ type unlucky to meet one on such top form. He is well balanced with good bone, lovely deep chest and well sprung ribs. Correct angulation all-round.
3 Drinkwater, Brabrook Shazalazazoo. Correctly made boy, moved well, just lacking the finish and maturity on one and two.

1 Milligan-Bott & Bott, Sh Ch Thendara Commitment JW. A dog who exudes power and strength but retains that racy elegance and refinement, correctly made all through. Nice head, soft expressive eye, lovely low set ears. Good strong elegant neck nicely arched fitting cleanly into shoulders, gently sloping topline. Correct tail set. Well laidback shoulders, correct length and angulation of upper arm. Well pronounced fore chest, good deep chest well sprung ribs. Strong muscular slightly arched loin, good strong hindquarters with well developed muscle and good bend of stifle. Nice short strong hocks. Well boned all-round. Nice tight neat feet. Powerful correct movement. Lovely coat finish, good topcoat with a nice bit of movement in it and correct depth of undercoat. A pleasure to award him the Dog CC and Best In Show against strong quality challenges.
2 McLarnon, Sh Ch & IR Sh Ch Gwendariff Nuts About Glenavna JW. Very much my ‘type and style’ of dog. Very well balanced and put together. At first thought he could be my class winner. It would be very hard to find anything to criticize about this dogs conformation. Love his overall soundness but today he wasn’t giving 100%.
3 Stewart, Gwendariff Weekend Warrior.

1 Cohen, Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW Sh CM. 8year old really impressed with his sound happy movement. Good front angulations and good strong muscled rear quarters, nice short strong hocks. Well balanced body. A pleasure to go over. Thank you.

1 Holehan, Loganirish Diamonds N’pearls. Very cleanly made and well balanced youngster. Good correct angulation front and rear. Nice deep chest. Should develope on very nicely. Moved well. Best Puppy Bitch.
2 Halls, Harreds Sybil. Lovely coat, nicely balanced and good angulation, not as developed as one, and personally I would like a little more reach of neck. Moved well.

1, Williamson, Bluespring Sunday Girl. A very pretty feminine youngster. Good fore chest and front and rear angulations. Very impressive on the move.

1 Milligan-Bott and Bott, really caught my eye from the moment she entered the ring. Lovely gleaming deep rich chestnut coloured coat. Well pronounced fore chest. Good deep well sprung rib. Good strong nicely arched loin. Well off for bone. Good length of upper arm with correct angulation of shoulder. Clean over the withers. Nice gently sloping top line. Correct set on of tail. Well angulated rear quarters, good muscle tone. Lovely sound true
movement. Her quality stood out. Could not be denied the RCC.
2 Blackshaw, Lanstara Ruby Slippers. Unlucky to meet one today. Another well balanced nicely developed young bitch with correct angulations all round, has a bright future.
3 Jones and Stewart, Gwendariff Gooseberry Fool. Nicely made bitch not as ‘mature’ as one or two.

A hard fought class with lots of promising youngsters going cardless.
1 Nicholson, Gwendariff Just The Ticket For Lochindorb. Lovely balanced feminine bitch. Very pleasing in head with lovely low set ears. Clean in outline with good front quarters and strong well angulated rear. Well handled with correct positive movement, held topline on the move.
2 Edwards, Gwendariff Its Numero Uno at Bonhomie JW. Very similar type to one and much the same remarks apply. Not quite as mature as one, just needs a little time. Another who move well.
3 Hunter and Brown, Braidmount In My Life.

1 Robinson, Lanstara Red Dress. Was reserve in strong junior bitch class. Nice type of bitch, well balanced. Nice deep body. Scores well in rear angulation.
2 Drinkwater and Venning. Brabrook Fancy Girl. Unlucky not to get placed in the strong previous class. Another scoring well in rear angulations, moved with drive. Lovely deep rich coloured coat.
3 Sloane, Ferasheen Ginabelle.

1 Holehan, Loganirish Jacquart. A sound solid well made bitch, very feminine not coarse in anyway. Lovely head and eye. Good reach of neck. Nice forechest, good deep well sprung rib.
2. Blackshaw, Lanstara Ruby Slippers. Second in strong Junior class.
3. Jones and Stewart, Gwendariff Gooseberry Fool. Third also in junior class.


1 Davie, Lochfrae Nina Simone. Very pretty headed bitch. Good forechest with correct depth of chest and spring of rib. Nicely angulated front and rear quarters, gentle sloping topline. Nice type, good correct overall balance.
2 Watt, Ferasheen Fire Beauty. Gave her handler a very hard time in the last class, pity as she redeemed herself this time and moved really well. She is well made and nicely balanced. Hope she settles for the future.
3 Falconer, Orlanset Elixir Of Life.

1 McNeil and Boyd-McNeil, Glennlokhen Deveron. Very well put together, well balanced bitch. Good front and rear angulations, good forechest, depth of chest and spring of rib. Nice head with soft expression low set ears. Good reach of neck nicely arched fitting cleanly into withers. Nice gently sloping topline and good set on of tail. Moved well. She just needs to get some more furnishings to finish the picture. Was in consideration for RCC.
2 Wilson, Pawsword Promise. Well angulated front and rear. Moved OK. A little heavy over the withers but overall a nice type of bitch.
3 Brady, Pawsword Play With Fire Joins Amberlight.


1 Tully, Gwendariff Lily The Pink. Nice well made racy well balanced bitch. Certainly looks the part when stacked. Lovely correct head. Good reach of neck. Clean over withers, gently sloping topline and correct set on of tail. Nice pronounced forechest, good front angulation. Well sprung ribs. Good length and bend of stifle with nice short strong hocks. Well muscle, good movement. One to watch.
2 Jones, Gwendariff Chilli Powder. Similar comments apply re confirmation as to one. For me she needs a little toning to complete the picture.
3 Bell and Barker-Bell, Balintyne Freda Payne. Particularly liked this bitch on the move, she has good front reach and extension and a strong rear drive with a lashing tail.

Very hotly contested class full of quality.
1 Nevitt, Aoibheannes Stay With Me. Very pretty head, soft expression, low set ears. A strongly made bitch, but in no way coarse. Standing on neat tight feet. Very well balanced.
Well off for bone. Good angulation all round. Deep chested, lovely gently sloping topline. Moved sound and true. In serious contention for the RCC, just lacking that extra bit of showmanship and sparkle.
2 Nicholson, Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess At Lochindorb. A lovely quality feminine bitch. Correctly made although, nice movement and good well developed toned muscle. A hard won place in a quality class.
3 Hinslea, Gwendariff Guess Who’s coming To Northamber.

1 Armitage ‘Gwendariff Coconut Cream’ (the name is as in catalogue, I believe it should be Sh Ch/ IR Sh Ch Gwendariff Coconut Cream CW18). Such a beautiful well made bitch. Lovely head, soft melting expression, low set ears. Good reach and arch of neck. Nice and clean over withers, gently sloping topline. Well set on of tail. Good pronounced forechest, lovely deep well sprung ribs, lovely arched muscular strong loin. Absolutely correct front and rear angulation. Well developed muscular second thigh. Nice short strong hocks. Moved effortlessly and correctly. Bitch CC, Best opposite Sex and reserve Best in Show.
2 Stevenson, Lochlorien Scully Foxes. Absolutely loved this girl. Strong but very feminine, lovely over all confirmation and balance. Very clean in outline. Well angulated with good strong well muscled rear quarters, moved very sound and true. Did not realise she was a veteran, still has plenty to give, hope she continues to be campaigned.
3 Peppers, ‘Ch Flannans Bumble Beez (believe this should be pre NL Ch. VDH Ch)

1 Gardner, Sh Ch Thendara Jocosta JW. At almost nine years old this bitch moves so correct with good front reach and strong rear drive with precise foot placing. Very well made, with correct angulations front and rear. Clean in outline. Lovely neat tight feet. She held off a very strong challenge by second. A lovely quality class to win. Best veteran bitch and Best veteran in show.
2 Stevenson, Lochlorien Scully Foxes. So unlucky to meet one in such top form, challenged so hard in two quality classes.
3 Limpus, Sh Ch Shenanagin She’s The One For Karidell JW. An amazing ten year old girl. Still moving sound and true. Has good all round conformation and balance as required of a Show Champion.
An honour and privilege to judge these ladies.

Mr G T Condron


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