Thank you to the ISCS for inviting me to judge the special award classes. These classes were a real joy to judge, providing a great opportunity for judges to get their hands on such high-quality exhibits, so thank you!

Special Yearling (15, 1bs)
This was a tough class to judge there were so many lovely youngsters, all at various stages of 6 months to 2 years, but it was a nice position to be in, thank you.
1st Danwish On High (A.I)
This young man really held his own, Masculine head, good length of muzzle, would prefer a little more work over eyes, but still refined and handsome. Correct shape eye with low set ears. Good arch of neck into good layback of shoulder, leading into good straight front. Plenty spring of rib and depth of chest. Proportionate rear angulation for his age. Holds his top line well and has correct tail set which he uses well on the move. He moves well, and has plenty drive from behind.
2nd Bluesprings Sunday Girl
This girl is very much a baby, but lots to like about her. She has the sweetest of heads, good stop and plenty of work over her skull. Good unshelled almond eye shape and dark colour. She has a good layback of shoulder leading into the correct amount of angulation front and rear for her age. Good depth of chest too and stands on good tight feet. On the move, for one so young she moved very true. Will watch her with interest.

Open (13, 3abs)

1st Lochlorien True Detective is Andley
6 year old bitch, who is so well balanced throughout. She has a sweet head and expression, showing plenty work, but still remains feminine. She has a good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders and great front angulation and return of upper arm. She has a good straight front with plenty depth of chest and fore chest, with good spring of rib. She has good length and with correct croup and well angulated in the rear. On the move she was such a joy to watch, her footfall was great going and coming with drive behind and good front extension. She was presented in fab coat and condition. Just lovely!

2nd Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW
Handsome boy, with so many great attributes. He has a gorgeous head and expression, with correct low set ears and arch to his neck leading into nice lay back of shoulders. He has good depth and spring of rib, with good length to loin. He has great width of thigh and turn of stifle standing on correct short hocks. He has correct slightly sloping top line when stood leading into good croup and tail set. On the move he is very true, using his rear angulation to really drive around the ring. He was presented in great coat and condition and stands on good tight feet.

Nicola Sturrock.


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