Critique - Judge: Mrs P Harris

My thanks to Bournemouth Canine Society for inviting me to judge at what for me is my local Championship Show, after 30 plus years of exhibiting here, it was an honour to be judging. My thanks also to my stewards who kept the ring running smoothly and me on my toes. Lastly thanks to you the exhibitors for my wonderful entry and for undertaking the journey on a weekday, which I know for some can’t have been easy. You all made my day so enjoyable, and the weather was kind to us which was an added bonus. I would like to say that on the whole all the exhibits were presented in wonderful condition with only a very few exceptions. However I found rear movement of great concern, when exhibits were asked to move, hocks were not straight, they were turning in or were very weak. In some cases after going over some lovely dogs I found myself hoping and praying that they would move OK. That said, I was very pleased with my overall winners, and thank you all for accepted my decisions so sportingly.


1. Hall’s HARREDS TREVOR. Nice young male with lovely dark coat, classic shape with deep chest, the makings of lovely head and expression when mature, nice topline, and good rear angulation Movement a little eratic, but still very much a baby. BPD.

2. Gardiner’s HARREDS TOBIE OF BLAYSDELL. Litter brother to 1, similar remarks apply, but felt his brother was a little more settled today, Two very nice puppies.

PUPPY DOG: (5,3).

1. Muir & O’Connors GWENDARIFF I’M COMING OUT. Sure this young male will have bright future, lovely head with gentle expression, low set ears, long neck leading into well laid shoulders, good body proportions giving a pleasing outline, well set on tail, nice tight feet, moved steady and true.

2. Randle’s FORFARIAN’S HIDDEN SECRET WITH RIONORE. Different type to 1, good size, lovely shaped head, dark eye, good depth to body, firm topline, not quite as steady on the move as my winner.

JUNIOR DOG: (7,2).

1. Stockton’s RIVERBRUE ALCHEMIST AMIDST KESPAS. Well put together male, stunning head and expression, good shoulders, deep chest and well sprung ribs, strong loin, good tail set giving an overall balanced shape, moved out really well using his hocks.

2. Hemmings’ ORLANSET THE LONER. Super young dog so much to like about him. Clean neck, deep through chest for age. Well off for bone, well angulated, held his topline standing and on the move.



1. Greenan’s ANLORY AIDEN JW. So much to like about this well balanced dog. Good size, and outline, lovely masculine head with a dark eye, low set ears. Good shoulders and adequate front angulation, gently sloping topline, well muscled quarters and short hocks allowing him to move with drive.

2. Ciechonska’s RIVERBRUE ALTISSIMO AT AOIBHEANNE. Another quality dog, lean head, dark eye, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, lovely shape with good rear angulation, was not as steady on the move as my winner.




2. Mullins’ HEATHCLARE DUCKIES. Honest young dog, with an overall good outline, classic head, would prefer a darker eye, good shoulders and body proportions. Moved OK when settled.

GRADUATE DOG: (8). This was a lovely class with some very promising youngsters which augers well for the future of the breed.

1. Pym’s THENDARA THE WATCHMAKER. I really liked this young dog, has a masculine head with a gentle expression, dark eye. Well muscled neck leading to well laid shoulders, deep chest, elbows well let down, good spring of rib, firm and gently sloping topline, strong over the quarters, well set on tail. Shown in beautiful condition and just the right amount of coat, really powered around the ring using his strong hocks. Loved him, pleased to award him the RCC,

2. Partridge’s KERRYDOWN ONE MAN. Smart young dog, Lovely head with typical Irish expression, adequate reach of neck, good shoulders and wonderful front assembly (so lacking in some today). Super shape with powerful hindquarters, moved well with drive. 3. Russell’s STRATHMEAD HUCKLEBERRY.


1. Pym’s THENDARA THE WATCHMAKER. 2. Condron & Needs’ COVARNEY MACAROON. Excellent shape and outline on this young dog, well presented as always from this kennel with lovely coat and condition. Lean head with correct stop, lovely eye shape, arched neck leading to well laid back shoulders, good length to body, strong quarters and good tail set. Moved well.   3. Prangle’s HEATHCLARE OLD GLORY.

LIMIT DOG: (14).

1. Hemmings’ ORLANSET THE ROCKER JW. Well balanced racy appearance, pleasing in head with lovely eye and expression, good shoulders, well ribbed back, strong quarters which showed in his strong powerful movement. Shown in excellent condition. 2. Wilkins’ MARGRETWOODS GOBSTOPPER JW, SH.CM. Well presented male in tip top condition, slightly longer in back than I like but nevertheless could not be denied his place in this strong class. Has a lovely head and expression, good front and rear angulation, well set on tail, moved well using his strong hocks. 3. Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s GWENDARIFF UNKNOWN SOLDIER JW.

OPEN DOG: (11,1).

1.Rutherford’s SH.CH. CLONAGEERA KINROSS LOVE BAROLO (IMP). Quality dog in full coat. Well balanced throughout, lean head, dark eye, very good neck and well laid shoulders, gentle sloping topline, powerful quarters and short hocks. Moved true and sound. 2. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s SH.CH. THENDARA COMMITMENT JW. Male in glorious coat and condition, classic head with soft melting expression, lovely arch to neck, well laid shoulders, standing on strong well bones legs with nice tight feet. Strong powerful quarters which carried him effortlessly around the ring. 3. Crocker & Siddle’s SH.CH. COPPER’S WAR OF ROSES.


1. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s SH.CH. THENDARA POT NOODLE. I last judged this dog when he was a Minor Puppy, he melted my heart then and still did today. In my opinion his shape and demeanour fits the breed standard as closely as possible. Stunning head and expression, lovely dark eye. Excellent front assembly, gently sloping topline, strong quarters, and short strong hocks. Shown in wonderful coat and condition. To watch him move was wonderful, free flowing with lovely tail action and at one with his handler. It was an honour to judge him. A dog in a life time, I wish he was mine.   CC & B.O.B.

2. Partridge’s KERRYDOWN MY GUY JW, SH.CM. Have done this dog well before and have not changed my mind about him. Good overall shape, lovely head and expression, good shoulder, super front, strong topline when standing and on the move, correct rear angulation. Hard to believe this dog is almost 10 years old, a credit to is owner/breeder. 3. Stubbs’ RIVERBRUE ZEUS JW.


1. Rorke’s ZAKHAN DEMELZA. Sweet baby, carrying just the right amount of weight, lovely head, good body proportions for one so young, nice tight feet. Still has lots developing to do, hope she goes on to prove her early promise. Moved out well using her well set on tail. BPB, BP.

2. Hall’s GLENNARA GILLEISNE DERVIA (IMP). Different type to 1, lovely lean head, low set ears, nice eye shape, at just the right size and development, moved steady and true. 3. Frampton’s STRATHMEAD NOELLA.



2. Bouttell, Burridge & Bouttell’s IXIA RAINBOW BRITE. Nice puppy, with lots to like, feminine head, pleasing outline, well boned. Would just like a bit more body, moved well but not quite as positive as 1.



1. Bridgewater & Littlechild’s BLAZING BRONZE EYE CANDY (IMP). Loved this young bitch, lovely clean elegant lines for one so young. Sweetest of heads with soft quizzical expression, lean neck, well laid shoulders, correct front, good spring of rib, gently sloping topline held on the move, correct rear angulation, should have strong quarters when fully developed, short hocks, nice tight feet, moved out steady and true.

2. Hemmings’ ORLANSET FOXY LADY. Another lovely specimen from this kennel, beautiful head with kind eye and expression, built on clean lines, strong bone with nice overall shape. Winner was slightly more collected on the move.



1. Condron’s COVARNEY LIL’MINX. Pleasing in outline for age, feminine head, dark eye with soft expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, good depth to body, well boned with nice tight feet, moved well.

2. Humphrey’s CRIMPINGTON FLIRTINI TO HENALEAS. Reserve in strong Junior class, lots to like about this very feminine young lady, gorgeous head with melting expression, lovely shape to body, when she matures should be very striking, moved out well. One to watch I’m sure.



1. Pettifer’s HEATHCLARE LIBERTY AT CROSSWELL. Another quality bitch, feminine in head, dark eye, sloping topline, strong hindquarters, nice tight feet. Presented a very pleasing outline both standing and on the move.




1. Milby & Stewart-Ritchie’s GWENDARIFF WE’LL REMEMBERU JW. Elegant bitch, racy oultine, lovely head, neck and shoulders, deep in body with gently sloping topline, not exaggerated in any way. Well set on tail moved effortlessly round the ring.

2. Waterton’s SANDSTREAM SUMMER BREEZE JW. Unlucky to meet 1 in such top form. Another very feminine young lady, nice head, low set ears, arched neck with well placed shoulders, pleasing outline, strong quarters. Moved OK.



This class gave me a real headache, so wished I’d had more than one set of prize cards, some lovely bitches had to be dismissed. All of the shortlisted deserved to be placed.

1. Waterton’s SANDSTREAM WELCOME BREEZE JW. My star of the girls and a pleasure to go over. Ultra feminine bitch, she stood out in the line up with her lovely shape and overall balance. Beautiful head, dark eye, low set ears. Front and rear assembly were excellent with no exaggerations, deep chest and good spring of rib. Stood on well boned legs with tight feet, Beautifully presented in lovely coat and condition, movement was a little reticent, but later moved much better for her owner, proving that she could do it. Could not be denied her place and the CC.

2. Mugford’s SANGARAH SKYLINE OVER LYNWOOD JW (IMP). Smaller bitch than 1, but so beautifully put together, a pleasure to go over, no exaggerations, lovely head and expression, clean lines, good depth to body, strong quarters which enabled her to move out well with correct tail action. 3. Limpus’ KARIDELL EMERALD PRINCESS.

LIMIT BITCH: (14,4).

1. Prangle’s HEATHCLARE QUE SERA SERA. Have always liked this very feminine bitch and was not disappointed when going over her. Has lovely clean lines, well arched neck leading in to well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, gently sloping topline, well muscled quarters which enabled her to move well with drive. RCC.

2. Pike’s REDCLYST AURA. Lovely bitch with typical Irish expression. Elegant with clean lines, good reach of neck and excellent front, good firm topline and strong quarters, moved steady and true. 3. Maple’s SIOCHANNA CELTIC SAPPHIRE.

OPEN BITCH: (6,2).

1. Crocker, Ostman & Siddle’s COPPER’S ROSES ALL OVER. Very feminine dark coated bitch, exquisite head with lovely dark eye. Elegant in neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest, nice cat-like feet, gently sloping topline, good spring of rib, short hocks and well set on tail. Powered round the ring showing good side gait.



1. Limpus’ SH.CH. SHENANAGIN SHE’S THE ONE FOR KARIDELL JW. Have always admired this bitch and it was a pleasure to to go over her. Ultra feminine with true Irish expression, low set ears, arched neck and good front assembly, gently sloping topline and well sprung ribs. Sound and true on the move and presented in beautiful condition.

2. Stevenson’s LOCHLORIEN PRIME SUSPECT FOR ANDLEY JW, SH.CM. At 10 years old she looks a picture, pleasing head, lovely shape to body, good depth of chest, nice front and standing on lovely tight feet, strong quarters and short hocks. Moved out with drive.   P.HARRIS

Mrs P Harris

14 August 2017

Judge: Mrs P Harris
Entry: 140 Dogs making 159 Entries

Winning the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed
Congratulations to Noodle
Owned by Dee Milligan Bott and Jeremy Bott
Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate
Congratulations to Sandy Waterton with Beattie
Beattie Bournemouth CC 2017 002
Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW
Photo: Angela Roberts
The Res.Dog CC was awarded to
Sarah Pym with
Thendara the Watchmaker
The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to
Claire Prangle with Music
heathclare que sera sera
Heathclare Que Sera Sera
photo kindly supplied by Claire Prangle
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed
was awarded to Jacquie Rorke with
Zakhan's Demelza
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