Critique - Judge: Mr David Hopewell (Davsett)

I would like to thank the committee and all the exhibitors for making my first champ show appointment so special

A big thank you to all the exhibitors for bringing their quality dogs under me, just wish there had been more cards to give.

Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

MPD 3 (1)

1. GISBY   Sutterset King of Hearts

Lovely young boy, Nice head, plenty of bone and body, dark coat, more outgoing than two

2. BOYCE  Forfarian Secret Admirer

Another lovely boy, Dark eye, smaller framed than 1, top line held on the move.

PD  6 (2)

1. GISBY Sutterset King of Hearts

2. BOYCE Forfarians Secret Admirer

3. FRENCH Zen Power Diervilla

JUNIOR   10 (2 Abs)

1. CHORLEY-NEWTON & CHORLEY Pawsword Priceless to Kerryfair

Clean head and shoulder, flowing topline, well ribbed, neat feet, moved well

2. DABJS-KEMISH     Alolfrana otter Then U Know

Dark eye, low set ears, deep in chest, lovely tight feet just not the drive of one

3. MURCHISON     Pawsword Paperback Writer

YEARLING 4 (1 Abs)

1st GREENAN Anlory Aidan JW

One I have judged before, lovely head, low set ears, strong neck well arched, plenty of body and depth, moved with drive. Easy winner of this class

2nd MURCHISON Pawsword Paperback Writer

4th in junior, lovely head, good angles fore and aft. Dark coat moved well

3rd WALL   Hazelbeck Ghillie

GRADUATE  5 (1 Abs)

1st LUCAS   Harreds Hassle with Amberlight JW

Hard to choose between 1 and 2Lovely dog with a very appealing head and eye, length to neck and shoulder, flowed from head to tail

2nd SHARMAN & JENNINGS   Kerrimere Indiscreet

This boy has come into his own, good depth all round, lashing tail, let himself down when asked to move again

3rd WILLIAMSON     Caskeys Show Stopper


1st LONGBOTTOM & STEWART-RICHIE Gwendariff Unknow Soldier JW

This boy caught my eye as he entered the ring, clean head with dark eye & raised brow, low set ears, clean neck and shoulders, deep chest, rib, firm topline, correct tail set in lovely condition, body and coat, moved with ease from his short hocks DCC & Best of Breed

2nd LIMPUS   Karidell Prince Charming

Another outstanding dog, taller on the leg than one, and good muscle tone, coat in great condition.

3rd LUCAS Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW

LIMIT 14 (4 Abs)

1st WALSH & FOSTER Millcroft Chase the Moon

Another dog that I have judged before. Clean head and shoulder, strong neck, clean top line which he held on the move, deep chest, good first and second thigh moved with more drive with his new runner RDCC

2nd  CUDDY     Sutterset Rebel Rouser in Balbriggan

Dark coat, well ribbed, balanced throughout, another that moves with ease, not over coated, dark coat, just preferred movement of one.

3rd ROWBOTTOM   Lanstara Spring Moon

OPEN 5 (0 Abs)

1st  MILLER     Caemgens Element of Truth at Feorlig (IMP Swe) SHCM

Headed this class, in great coat not a hair out of place, well ribbed, strong front and topline, lovely feet, lost out on honours today as did not move as well in the challenge

2nd STEWART & RICHIE-STEWART SH CH/IR SH CH Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW CW’15

Another to quality dog in great condition, well balanced, he is a credit to his owner

I just preferred movement on one

3rd STURROCK   SH CH Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know it JW

VETERAN 2 (1 Abs)

1st COLLINS Fearnley Veuveld dog

Stood alone, in great coat, deep in chest, well sprung rib, well balanced. Sadly, the heat got to him.


MPB 4 (0 Abs)

1st STURROCK Forfarian Victorias Secret

Pretty little lady, dark eye, low ear set, well arched neck in to good shoulders, dark coat, moved steady for one so young

2nd MCNEIL & BOYD-MCNEIL Glennlokhen Deveron

Different to one in head and body proportion. Moved well

Puppy 7 (2 Abs)

1st STEWART-RITCHIE Gwendariff Come Fly with me

Striking in outline, lovely head and shoulders, well-muscled, moved with drive. BPB, B.P.I.B and Puppy Group 2

2nd STURROCK   Forfarian Victorias secret

1st in minor puppy, pity she had to come up against one, she will have her time I am sure

3rd HINSLEA   Gwendariff Guess Who’s Comin to Northamber

JUNIOR 12 (2 Abs)

1st CHORLEY-NEWTON & CHORLEY   Pawsword Peppermint for Kerryfair

Just what I like in a bitch, small and compact, lovely head and eye, well arched neck and shoulder, deep chest, gently sloping topline, well angled strong quarters which she used. True connection between handler and dog, RBCC

2nd BRADY         Pawsword Play with Fire Joins Amberlight

Litter sister to one, small frame, lovely head and topline. She will swap places at sometime

3rd BOTT, ALLEN & MORGAN   Quesha tumble and Twirl

YEARLING  8 (1 Abs)

1st CHORLEY-NEWTON & CHORLEY   Pawsword Peppermint for Kerryfair

2nd WATT         Shenanagin Sweet Sixteen JW

Another lovely young lady. Clean in head and shoulder, great top line in good coat just preferred one in head.

3rd DANKS-KEMISH       Rappatty Star Light Over Alolfrana JW

GRADUATE 15 (3 Abs)

1st HALL  Harreds Hettie

My notes say “a little pocket rocket” in good condition, coat and muscle tone. Sadly, she looked a little uncomfortable in the challenge

2nd STEVENSON Lorchlorien Trus Detective is Andley

Dark coat, lovely expression, well bodied. Moved with drive as always.

3rd PARSONS Braidmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett


1st  NAYLOR & MORRISON   Anlory Corbieres JW

Love this young lady, clean shoulders, good return of upper arm. Deep chested. Strong loin, well-muscled tail never stops wagging but unfortunately, she left her coat at home.

2nd BLACKSHAW     Lanstara Spring Star JW

Another lovely girl, taller on leg than one very pretty head, good arch of neck, deep chest, well sprung rib lovely dark coat, lost out to one on movement

3rd LIMPUS       Karidell emerald Princess

LIMIT 16 (6 Abs)

1st DALE   Anlory Hope

Litter sister to postgraduate winner, bigger boned all round, nice strong neck, dark eye, low set ears. Good topline which she held on the move, nice deep chest. Lovely tight feet, well set tail, moved well.

2nd FOX   Millcroft Bubbling Moon

Have watched this girl grow from a baby, she is finally getting there, lovely clean head, dark eye. Striaght front, good length of rib. Good strong quarters. In good coat, just preferred front on one

3rd LOYND   Anlory Poachers Brook Joins Crimbledale

OPEN 8 (1 Abs)

1st BOTT, ALLEN & MORGAN  Sh Ch Bardonhill please don’t Tease Quensha JW

Well what can you say about this girl that has not already been said, exquisite head with that true irish expression, flows from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, clean shoulders, good return in upper arm, lovely tight feet, well sprung ribs, strong loin, correct tailset which flows, in good hard condition. A pleasure to give her the BCC & Best Opposite sex

2nd ARMITAGE     Sh Ch Gwendariff Coconut Cream

Another quality bitch, rich dark coat, stands on good legs, clean throughout, just preferred one in head and shoulders

3rd GARDNER     Sh Ch Thendara Jocasta JW

VETERAN 10 (2 Abs)

What a lovely class of golden oldies,

1st STEVENSON Lochlorenien Prime Suspect for Andley JW SHCH

Have always loved this bitch, clean lines throughout, good bone and feet, deep chested well coated. Best Veteran in Breed

2nd LIMPUS   SH CH Shenanagin She’s the One for Karidell JW

Another classic lady, in full coat, in good hard condition, moved with drive, it was just down to a preference in head.

3rd  GISBY Sutterset Black Magic

David Hopewell

Border Union
Agricultural Society
17 June 2017

Judge: Mr David Hopewell (Davsett)
Entry: 138 Dogs making 165 Entries
Winning his first Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed
Congratulations to Squaddie,
Owned by Ruth Longbottom and Diane Stewart-Ritchie
f unknown soldier willharis bu 2017
Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW
Photo: Will Harris
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate
Congratulations to Paige
Owned by Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan
paige BU laura DSC 3871
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW
photo: Laura Kolbach
The Res.Doc CC was awarded to June Walsh and Sally Foster with
millcroftchasethemoon kolbach DSC 3649
Millcroft Chase The Moon to Shanoah
Photo: Laura Kolbach
The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to
Sandra Chorley-Newton and Kerry Chorley with Menta
(handled by EmmaFlinders)
pawswordpepperming kolbcahDSC 3953
Pawsword Peppermint for Kerryfair
Photo: Laura Kolbach
Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in breed and Gundog Puppy Group 2
was awarded to Diane Stewart-Ritchie with Sky
birm nat 050517 gwendariff comeflywithme 0B5A4613
Gwendariff Come Fly With Me
photo: Ian Newsham

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