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Championship Show Saturday 8th June 2019 - Judges Critique - Lynda Fauvrelle,

My thanks to Belfast & District Irish Setter Club for their invitation to judge their Championship Show on Saturday 8th June 2019 and their warm welcome and hospitality throughout the day and thank you to my stewards Doreen, Linda and Benita for keeping things running smoothly. Also, a big thank you to the exhibitors for their entries and who sportingly accepted my decisions and placings. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you all.
The show was held at a beautiful – new to the club – venue which, had the weather been better, would have allowed judging to be held outside. Instead judging took place in a large hall with lighting that did not detract too much from coat colours or condition of the exhibits and the flooring of which did not appear to inhibit movement.
Presentation was, in the majority, of a high standard although I will comment that some attention to a little more trimming of feet, hocks/rear pasterns and, in only a couple of cases necks, would enhance and optimise those features of the exhibits. Saying that, none of my decisions were based on a little lack of trimming! On the whole, tails were set on level and used on the move with that side to side flagging motion that is so nice to see. Glad to say only a few exhibits moved close behind, something that unfortunately is becoming prevalent in the breed. On the whole, in my search for correct construction and sound movement I was not disappointed and was very pleased with my final line up. To my delight I learnt at the end of the day that the Dog CC and Reserve Bitch CC are full brother and sister and the Bitch CC and Best Puppy Dog are half sister and half brother to the DCC and RBCC.

Minor Puppy Dog (0,0)
Puppy Dog (1,0)
1stLees Leesett Orchard Romance
11 months and giving his handler a bit of a hard time. A handsome boy in excellent condition with sound bone and overall construction and well off for forechest and ribcage. I loved his head and soft dark eye with quizzical expression and his reach of neck leading into good shoulder placement. Deep of chest and with low set hocks, he has a lovely shape with a gentle slope from head to tail which he maintained on the move and was sound and balanced once settled. BPD/RBPIS
Junior Dog (1,0)
1st Lucas Kerryfair Love On The Rocks Amberlight JW
Strong bodied youngster presented in good condition with good fore and aft angulations, good spring of rib and width of loin, could do with a bit more sternum but maybe that will come in time. He has a lovely head in profile and a soft expressive eye. Moved okay just a tad proud of his tail.
Yearling Dog (1,0)
1stLucas Kerryfair Love On The Rocks Amberlight JW
Novice Dog (0,0)
Graduate Dog (1,0)
1st Adams Gwendariff D’ya No What I Mean
This boy needs to have more weight on him and a bit more of a trim if he is to continue in the show ring but I gave him this placing on his sound balanced movement – he has reach and drive and is correct in all compartments with a rich dark coat. He has lovely head planes and dark eyes with a soft gentle ‘Irish’ look and is such a sweet boy, I wish him all the best for the future.
Post Graduate Dog (2,1)
1st Jones Gwendariff Pink Floyd
Well off for substance and bone and of sound construction throughout and presented in full coat and tip top condition. A little plainer in the head than I prefer but with eyes that nonetheless demonstrated typical Irish curiosity. He has a strong muscular neck, good shoulder placement, a gently sloping topline through to strong hindquarters driving from strong hocks however his tail carriage detracted from his outline on the move.
Mid Limit Dog (3,0)
1st Park Redclyst Jean Valjean Lestannons
Would like a little more forechest on this boy but loved his well-structured head set off by his low earset, he has the desired almond eye and kindly expression. In good coat and condition, his arched muscular neck blends into nice front angulation. He is well ribbed back and sound from withers through to his strong loin leading down into his correctly angled stifle. Hocks let down allowing his balanced driving movement.
2nd Sloane Ferasheen Patriot Game
Lots of the same remarks apply. 1 scored more in foreface and head but this lad has good depth of brisket, is of sound construction and moved well around the ring maintaining his topline and using his tail correctly.
3rd O’Neill Gilkybrow Steady Eddie
Limit Dog (5,1)
1st Gracie Vistador Diesel In The Dust Summergate (Imp Che)
Have seen this boy in the ring on several occasions but had not appreciated his qualities until I assessed him. He is so sound in all departments. Although I would prefer a little more work in his head, he has an appealing masculine look about him. He is well off for sternum and musculature throughout with deep chest, well sprung ribs, good width of first and second thigh and in ample coat, he possesses good fore and aft angulations and held a good topline driving out with balanced movement. RDCC
2nd Lucas Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW
Have done this boy well before. Presented as ever in excellent condition he has an excellent topline stacked and held well from withers to loin on the move and he has classic head planes which I preferred to 1. His long lean neck settles into correct front construction, is deep in chest with nice body properties flowing through to good rear angulation and has neat feet. He moved out well but just lost out holding his tail a little high for my liking.
3rd Murphy Clannrua Chestnut (IKC) Jun Ch
Res Toms Clannrua Birch
Open Dog (2,0)
1st Toms Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Jun Ch JD
A striking young man of 22 months, he filled my eye and was a pleasure to go over. I loved his head with correct skull shape (2 bricks) and expressive brow and chiselling set off by dark almond shaped eyes with that certain glint in them. My notes say ‘wonderful forechest’ and he is indeed well off for that. With good bone, shoulder placement and rear angulation, every part fitting smoothly into the next from his muscular arched neck settling cleanly into his shoulders, flowing topline, tail set on at correct level he powered round the ring showing true balance and drive on nice neat feet. DCC/BIS
2nd Murphy Clannrua Chestnut (IKC) Jun Ch
Placed 3rd in Limit Dog, lots to like about this dark coated boy just not the work in head of 1 although possessing a kindly eye. He lacked forechest but has a strong muscular neck leading into good front assemply, is well off for ribcage and sound in loin and over croup. His strong hindquarters allowed him to move soundly round the ring.
Champion Dog (3,0)
1st Hughes Ir Ch Corradeelish Pheasant Of Cloonminda Jun Ch (IKC)
Such a sound boy, excels in forechest and body properties; would prefer a little softer skull and eye. Neat feet, layback and return of shoulder and good stifle construction he strode out with reach and drive. A worthy champion.
2nd McLarnon Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW
A striking balanced dog and another worthy champion in excellent coat and condition. I preferred his head to 1. He is proportionate throughout, sound in structure and loin and overall stature, excellent rear angulation allowed him to cover the ground well albeit a little close behind.
3rd Quinn & McNamara Sh Ch Clannrua Lord Henry At Kilnacourt (IKC)
Veteran Dog (2,0)
1st Quinn & McNamara Ir Sh Ch Cataluna Peter Pan At Kilnacourt
A close call between these two however I preferred the front construction of 1. With a pleasing head and soft expressive eye, well muscled neck without coarseness set cleanly into correct shoulder placement he moved with soundness and drive holding his topline and using his tail correctly and belying his 10.5 years. RBVIS
2nd Carson & McKelvey Ir Sh Ch Edenaveys The One And Only
An upstanding strong bodied boy of 7.5 years, a little plainer in eye than 1, built on sound lines with good front and rear construction ribs sprung well back through to strong hindquarters he also moved soundly round the ring.
Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0)
Two litter sisters both pretty and with lovely heads and expressions; I’m sure they will be swapping places many times.
1st Loughlin Rohanmor Matilda
A feminine pretty little girl possessing a lovely head with raised brow and dark eye with such a mischievous expression. Each part settling nicely into the next her construction throughout is correct for her age right through to her correctly set on tail which she held level on the move. Although a bit of a fidget on the stand she showed her balance and sound movement a tad more than her sister to take this class. BPB/BPIS
2nd Loughlin Rohanmor Along Came Polly
Slightly larger than her sister and straighter coated nothing detracted from her femininity. The same attributes apply to this young lady, she just lost a little on movement compared to her sister.
Puppy Bitch (2,0)
1st Loughlin Rohanmor Matilda
2nd Loughlin Rohanmor Along Came Polly
Junior Bitch (0,0)
Yearling Bitch (3,0)
1st Carson & McKelvey Toberbilly Element Of Luck For Edenaveys
A sound bitch with classic head structure with raised brow, soft dark eye and gentle expression. Rich dark coat presented in good condition she has good width and depth of chest and well sprung rib. Lovely reach and strength of neck set into good shoulder lay, gently sloping topline, good width of loin and rearquarters with right length of coupling without any coarseness. She displayed balance and drive to take this class.
2nd Gawn Clonageera Sweet Caroline Jun Ch
Another of substance, nice head shape with low earset and pretty eye with soft expression; beautiful length of neck into gently sloping topline, good front and rear assembly she moved well although a little proud of her tail on the move but couldn’t deny her overall balance.
3rd Sloane Ferasheen Jindea
Novice Bitch (1,0)
1st Sloane Ferasheen Jindea
3rd in Yearling, a pretty headed bitch of nice shape and size. Low set ears and expressive eye with nice reach of neck. Tail set on correctly and used nicely on the move.
Graduate Bitch (2,0)
1st Borthwick Lotushill Katsura
A proportionate bitch with chiselled features, low earset and long strong neck set cleanly into her shoulder placement and with sufficient brisket, sloping topline held on the move, she strode out well off of her good rear assembly with correct tailset and action.
2nd Davie Lochfrae Nina Simone
Darker coated to whom similar remarks apply, she has good head planes with a soft kind expressive eye, clean neck, sound in rib, chest and loin. No. 1 just had the edge on movement.
Post Graduate Bitch (3,0)
1st Sloane Ferasheen Little Bridget
Pretty headed bitch determined to give her handler a hard time but patience prevailed. She possesses a good overall shape with nice head construction with low long ears, good width and depth of chest and hindquarters and neat feet. She excels in rear angulation and tailset exhibiting drive on the move maintaining her topline.
2nd Borthwick Lotushill Katsura
3rd Davie Lochfrae Nina Simone
Mid Limit Bitch (3,2)
1st Gawn Clonageera Sweet Caroline Jun Ch
Limit Bitch (4,1)
1st Murphy Clannrua Kelly (IKC)
Lovely shape to this bitch, dark shiny coated and very feminine with a kindly expression, tight feet, lovely angulations fore and aft, sound throughout and in hard condition. Correct tailset used and held on the move as was her topline. Strong in neck, no coarseness – loved her style on the move.
2nd Hinslea Gwendariff Guess Who’s Comin To Northamber JW
Different to 1, a substantial bitch lighter in coat. She has good body properties with a profusion of feathering. A nice head and good eye shape with good reach of neck, is strong over loin and croup with correct coupling. Personally, I would like a little more overall elegance. Moved okay.
3rd Gawn Clonageera Sweet Caroline Jun Ch
Open Bitch (5,1)
1st Sterritt Corranroo Just One Kiss With Riversett CJW18, Jun Ch
A slightly more substantial bitch but nonetheless feminine, presented in excellent coat and condition she flows from head to tail. She is pretty headed with nice chiselling to her foreface with eye of correct shape and dark nose, her skull set off by her low earset. Excellent forechest and front and rear assembly, good width to second thigh with neat feet. She was so sound holding her topline and lashing her level tail as she moved effortlessly around the ring I couldn’t deny her this class nor the Bitch CC and Reserve Best In Show. Well done. BCC/RBIS
2nd Carson & McKelvey Toberbilly Element Of Luck For Edenaveys
1st in Yearling Bitch and called in to challenge for the Reserve Bitch CC and pleased to award it to her. RBCC
3rd Jones Gwendariff Nutmeg
Res Sloane Fearnley Fire Ribbon Of Ferasheen

Champion Bitch (4,2)
1st Gracie Ir Ch Clonageera Walk With Me To Summergate JW Jun Ch CW16,17
Such a close call - no.1 excels in forechest and topline, is darker coated and in hard condition throughout. She has a nice skull shape with long low set ears although not the soft quizzical expression I prefer but couldn’t deny her drive and substance. She is correct from her long, lean but strong neck that sits in correct shoulder placement and return of upper arm, well ribbed with good width of loin and croup and lovely rear angulation allowing her to drive off of her low set hocks. Worthy of her Irish Champion title.
2nd Donnelly Int & Ir Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon
A well-deserved champion possessing a pretty head with nice chiselling to her foreface with classic stop and soft dark eye with strong neck, deep chest with plenty of lung room, strong loin into good width of croup. The same remarks apply re fore and aft angulations and drive, 1 just held her topline better today.
Veteran Bitch (3,1)
1st Loughlin Ir Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Discovery’s Let The Heart Beat For Rohanmor
(Imp Swe) JD Jun Ch CJW12 AnCh12
Close call for these 2 ladies. 1 presented in excellent condition with the neatest of feet, lovely head with the desired kindly expression and well defined stop, low earset and clean muscled neck set nicely into well laid shoulders through gently sloping topline to level tailset, she excels in rear angulation which she used to advantage to take this class. BVIS
2nd Boal Sabrejill Spirit Dancer
Another with lovely head structure and clean neck into good front construction, well ribbed and deep of chest. Nicely coupled with good width of croup she drove around the ring using her strong hindquarters.
Progeny (1,0)
1st Ir Sh Ch Cataluna Peter Pan At Kilnacourt
Along with his two sons Clannrua Chestnut (IKC) Jun Ch and Clannrua Birch, a lovely family group.
Brace (2,0)
1st Toms Clannrua Birch / Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Jun Ch JD
2nd Quinn & McNamara Sh Ch Clannrua Lord Henry At Kilnacourt (IKC) / Ir Sh Ch
Cataluna Peter Pan At Kilnacourt
Lynda Fauvrelle,


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