Irish Red Setter Club
17 May 2019

Judge: Sandy Waterton (Sandstream)

Bitch GS & BIS - Donnelly’s Int&IrCh Millcroft Whispering Moon
Bitch RGS & RBIS – Sterritt’s Coranroo Just One Kiss with Riversett
Dog GS & BOS – Toms’ Toberbilly I Wish You Luck JunCh
Dog RGS – IrShCh Hughes’ IrShCh Corradeelish Pheasant at Cloonminda JunCh
BP – Loughlin’s Rohanmor Matilda
BVIS – Loughlin’s ShCh&IntShCh Discovery’s Let The Heart Beat for Rohanmor (ImpSwe)
Best Junior – Power’s Cilleigne Samuel Beckett for Paorrua
Best Field Trial – McGIllycuddy’s FtCh Ballydavid Starjet Of The Kingdom
Best Child Handler – Sam McCrea
Best Brace – Brady
Best Team – Brady
Best Progeny – Quinn & McNamara
Bitch GS & BIS - Donnelly’s Int&IrCh Millcroft Whispering Moon



My thanks to the Irish Red Setter Club for their kind invitation to judge at this prestigious show. I have to say the atmosphere was really friendly and welcoming, everyone generous with their applause and appreciation, helping each other where necessary.
I had some lovely dogs; it was certainly quite an experience.. and, I have to be honest, my encounter with the gorgeous family of Field Trial dogs was indeed very special – I will never forget it, really made me think.
Thank you to everyone for your sportsmanship and for giving me a day I will always remember.

JD (3)
1 Power’s Cilleigne Samuel Beckett for Paorrua. Lovely youngster, most balanced of the three, he has a kind expression, good shoulder placement and general flow through the body, excellent depth and substance, good feet, in super condition and moving soundly. Best Junior.
2 Kennedy’s Oakdene Razzle Dazzle. Slightly more streamlined, lovely expression, good topline, croup and angulation, bit erratic moving.. I’m sure time will help steady him.
3 Kennedy’s Cilleigne Caravaggio
IMD (1)
1 Toms’ Toberbilly I Wish You Luck JunCh, well-constructed boy with a kind head and expression, correct topline and good angulation; in great coat and condition, he moved really soundly with a lovely spring in his step – a real pleasure to see. He stood out in an excellent challenge and I was pleased to award him the Green Star.
AD (2,1a)
1 Murphy’s Clannrua Donegal, What a little hooligan... 2 years old, and feeling his feet. Sweet head, and good construction, but a tad wayward on the move, and needs time to develop, promising boy.
OD (4,2) Splitting hairs in this class.
1. Toms’ Clannrua Birch. Lovely boy who is really well balanced, he has a streamlined body which flows well with excellent depth throughout. Good pasterns, as well as width of thigh, straight hocks and in great coat, he moved very soundly.
2. Murphy’s Clannrua Chestnut JunCh. Litter brother and another nice boy; cheeky expression and with good topline and tailset, he moved well, really enjoying himself; needs more furnishings to fully complete the picture.
CD (5,2)
1 Hughes’ Corradeelish Pheasant at Cloonminda JunCh. Surprised myself at the end of the class, as he improved all the time; well-balanced boy with lovely head and expression, clean through neck, good forechest, super width of thigh and tailset, well-muscled allowing him to move very soundly. RGS.
2 Quinn & McNamara’s ShCh Clannrua Lord Henry at Kilnacourt. handsome head, good forechest and depth throughout, he has a clean outline and moved well, just needs more furnishings
3 Loughlin’s ShCh&IntShCh Rohanmor It’s All About Alfie.
FTD (2)
Brothers, so both 12 years – and they’d just been for a boggy walk !
1 Brady’s IntFtCh Ballydavid Airforce. Just a tad more balanced, and more controlled on the move than his brother, but a lovely pair... absolutely gorgeous, they are both sound and well-constructed... and you can see where their interests lie!
2 Brady’s IntFtCh Ballydavid Aoidh, another lovely boy with lots to like, more depth than 1.
VD (3,2)
1 Quinn & McNamara’s ShCh Cataluna Peter Pan at Kilnacourt. Impressive 11 year old with a kind head and expression, good layback of shoulder, topline and tailset, well up on pasterns and good angulation, he moved really well!
PB (2)
1 Loughlin’s Rohanmor Matilda. 7 months, very much a baby, but very pretty and well balanced throughout; good angulation, depth and width of thigh, correct tailset, moved ok, everything in the right place with good bone, plus the promise of a good coat. Best Puppy.
2 Loughlin’s Rohanmor Along Came Polly. Litter sister, and another sweet baby; excellent topline, and tailset, well balanced, good layback of shoulder… not surprisingly - moved like baby. Just preferred make and shape of 1.
JB (3)
1 Kennedy’s Cilleigne Poue Moi. 13 months and quite developed, good head, low earset with good depth, topline and tailset; nice tight feet, although not exactly coordinated on the move – no surprise as still a youngster.
2 McGillycuddy’s Ballydavid Eriu Of The Kingdom. Totally different type, being a FT bitch, sweet head, nicely constructed, good forechest and tailset, very coordinated on the move, would like to see more weight.
3 Brady’s Ballydavid The Morrigan Of The Kingdom, sister to 2… and similar remarks, 2 just better on the move today.
IMB (2)
1 Carson & McKelvey’s Toberbilly Element Of Luck for Edenaveys. What a fidget! Pretty head, streamlined profile and good topline, good forechest, shoulder placement and rear angulation also, well developed body, moved really soundly.
2 Gawn’s Clonageera Sweet Caroline JunCh. Another lovely bitch, standing better by the time we finished.. but that’s girls for you. Kind expression, clean neck into shoulder, good strength and depth throughout, not as coordinated on the move as 1, but still appealing.
AB (1)
1 Murphy’s Clannrua Kerry. What a sweetie, pretty head, low earset, good depth throughout, super construction, well up on pasterns, would tidy furnishings a little.. but minor point; moved soundly, like a train.. excellent !
OB (7,4)
1 Sterritt’s Corranroo Just One Kiss with Riversett. Kind expression with super balance throughout. Excellent coat and condition in every way, moved beautifully, would prefer a slightly darker eye, but couldn’t deny her overall correct make and shape, very sound with strength in movement, RGS
2 Power’s Currowhill Molly Bloom at Paorrua. Lovely girl, with sweet head & expression, nicely balanced with good body, in good coat and condition, correct angulation; moved very well, driving impressively.
3 Kennedy’s MneCh Glennara Baccarat. Not a happy girl, but I managed to sneak up behind her and finish examining when she wasn’t looking; everything in the right place, just needs more confidence.
CB (3,2)
1 Donnelly’s Int&IrCh Millcroft Whispering Moon. A beautiful bitch I have always admired, sweet, sweet head, good neck into shoulder, superb construction with good topline and tailset, correct angulation, good feet, angulation, moving soundly and with panache, every inch a champion, she just flowed. Green Star and BIS.
FTB (3)
1 McGillycuddy’s FtCh Ballydavid Starjet Of The Kingdom. Super little bitch, full of confidence, moved beautifully, good forechest, depth and angulation, definitely moved the best of the bunch. Excellent handling. Best Field Trial.
2 Brady’s FtCh Malstabodarna Embla Of Ballydavid. Another sweet bitch, less confident but still nicely made, moved really well
3 Brady’s Malstabodarna Idun Of Ballydavid.
VB (2,1)
1 Loughlin’s ShCh&IntShCh Discovery’s Let The Heart Beat for Rohanmor (ImpSwe). Alone but worthy of her place; lovely head and expression, excellent layback of neck to shoulder, width of thigh and croup, good angulation and depth throughout, beautifully made and turned out in good coat and condition, most impressive, moved really soundly and with confidence. Best Veteran

Brace (6,1)
1 Brady’s IntFtCh Ballydavid Airforce/Ballydavid The Morrigan Of The Kingdom. Just loved this pair, so together, even if still a bit boggy - although slightly dried out now. Well matched, very much in unison.
2 Tom’s Toberbilly I Wish You Luck/Clannrua Birch. Another well synchronised pair, very typey.
3 Quinn & McNamara’s ShCh Cataluna Peter Pan at Kilnacourt JD; ShCh Clannrua Lord Henry at Kilnacourt.
Team (2,1)
1 Brady’s IntFtCh Ballydavid Airforce/Ballydavid The Morrigan Of The Kingdom/Malstabodarna Embla Of Ballydavid. Wonderful team, so together, just loved them.
Child handling (3)
1 Sam McCrea, well-schooled young man, watched his dog well and achieved the best result. Congratulations.
2 Mya Sterritt, youngest here, and just learning, but made a good job of it today.
3 Eva Sterritt, another good handler, well done
Progeny (4,2)
1 ShCh Cataluna Peter Pan at Kilnacourt JD. Good family resemblance, moved well together.
2 IntFtCh Ballydavid Airforce. Both 2 and 3 were having a great time, lovely to see.
3 Ballydavid Eriu Of The Kingdom. Well done.

Sandy Waterton (Judge)


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