As always the committee are busy with their eye on everything and waste no time getting the Groups and best in show finished in good time, which means folk stay so a great atmosphere prevails. Well done and thank you. A lot bearing the same affix here today and looking at the results, they provided me with a satisfying time judging, as quality in abundance.

PD (2) Both show promise. 1 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket. In silhouette this lad is very typical with flowing outline. He was presented in fit muscular condition. Clean head and lovely dark expressive eye. Elegance of neck flowing through well angulated shoulders. His ribs lead well back to short loin with width. Tail comes straight of back and is used well, he has width to rump and balance of angles behind. His personality is evident on the move. BPIB. 2 Lees’ Leesett Orchard Romance. Lovely head, balance with masculinity but not overdone. He flows through his forehand with depth to neat elbow and good body. A touch longer in loin than winner. Beautiful coat and at this young age performed well.

JD (4) 1 Gardner’s Danwish On High (AI). Sound, honest racy in outline. Good head proportions, good lay of shoulder blade and corresponding return of upper arm. Correct body with firm topline and short strong loin. Stands on well boned legs and well knitted feet. He worked with hander well producing ease of ground cover. 2 Edwards’ Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie. Immaculate, well handled and presents a smart upstanding outline. Gorgeous head piece, elegant neckline, flows through topline to strong muscled quarters. Would prefer a touch shorter loin. Super coat and worked the ring well. 3 Hughes’ Gwendariff Ur Going Places.

YD (3) 1 Gardner’s Danwish On High (AI). Repeat. 2 Hughes’ Gwendariff Ur Going Places. 13 months and looks a baby, nothing wrong with that though. Lovely head and is so well balanced all through. He has the quality of bone and good construction to grow into so should finish a class act. He was handled to advantage and has a lovely character. 3 Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire.

GD (4) 1 Roffey’s Gwendariff Lucy’s Legacy. This handler is a joy to watch; she has empathy with her exhibits and has never shown a bad one under me, today was no exception. Stylish with a head that is correct and gives the viewer pleasure. Super bone and feet, never stands wrong, he has strength with elegant lines from good skeletal construction. Should enjoy a lovely future. 2 Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique JW. Little more rangy than winner at present, but all there to grow into. Classic head and flowing lines. Not quite the front angulation of winner, therefore not as tidy on the move coming. Good condition and should come on well.3 Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae JW ShCM.

PGD (4,1) 1 McNeil & Boyd-McNeil’s Gwendariff Gonna Go For Gold At Glennlokhen. I have written ‘really like this sound, typical dog’, well I didn’t change my mind, as I ended up giving him the Res CC which he well deserved. He has the most appealing head with lovely ey and ear set. His muzzle is strong and clean with big white teeth. Fit, well bodied, skeletally properly made. He has positive foot fall and an attitude that draws attention, working well with handler. 2 Jones’ Gwendariff Pink Floyd. Strong, fit and out moved the lower placed dog today. Well presented and handled and displayed a good overall picture. He has lot going for him, a masculine sound dog, doing his job well. 3 Murchison’s Pawsword Paperback Writer.

LD (4,1) 1 Edwards’ Gwendariff Ps I Love You Bonhomie JW. Out shone competitors today. Strength with elegance. Clean lines all through. Has breed requirements and is in immaculate body and coat, as I would expect from this handler. Impressive picture and totally balanced topped by his rich chestnut coat. 2 Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Charismatic JW. Again this handler knows the breed and shows dogs of quality in good order. Appeals in head, decent forehand, firm back to short muscular loin. A little long from stifle to hock. Uses himself well on the move with pleasing side gait. 3 Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Elliott ShCM.

OD (5,2) A lovely class, each had attributes to give me a dilemma, having quality, soundness, muscular definition and presented to advantage in fabulous condition, so today instinct on performance determined my places. 1 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Sh Ch Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW. This masculine dog presents a picture of the breed, displaying type and finish, both standing and with his deportment and ease of ground cover. DCC. 2 Stewart’s Gwendariff Weekend Warrior. Great personality and aplomb, he never stopped believing or showing me how good he is. 3 McLarnon’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW. Fabulous dog just not the demanding approach of the winners today.

SBD (1) 1 Jones’ Gwendariff Pink Floyd. Repeat. SB.

GCDS D (1) 1 Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Elliott ShCM. Clean head, super eye, correct skull and well placed ear. He was presented and handled well in lovely gleaming coat. Good rump and tail set. A touch soft in topline today. Worked with handler well.

YB (1) 1 Nicolson’s Gwendariff Just The Ticket For Lochindorb. Lovely young bitch put together to give a balanced outline of an Irish Setter. She has elegant racy lines with strength. On the move, she economically covers the ground with positive foot placement. All she needs is maturity to complete the picture. GB (5,1) 1 Edwards’ Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhomie JW. Very good quality, shapely with balance. Really has a lot going for her and on the move she really steps it up to confirm her win. Very smart and so satisfying to judge. 2 Bayne’s Corranroo One More Kiss. A touch longer cast, than winner, but cannot be overlooked on her sound stylish action. She is fit, muscled and worked together with handler so well. Beautifully presented in lovely coat. 3 Davie’s Lochfrae Nina Simone.

PGB (8,1) 1 Tully’s Gwendariff Lily The Pink. Headed a grand class. Took the class on the move. She is racy and very pleasing to go over as everything is in the right place, so a balanced, typical outline prevails. A supple active girl, who I feel, still has some maturing to do. It is all there just waiting for the future to go all the way. 2 Jones’ Kerryfair Rhosyn. This is such a sound Irish Setter. Very honest, she really wanted to please and she succeeded in pleasing me. Well made and in super body. Just not quite the Impulsion of winner. 3 Charlish’s Quensha Lets Dance.

LB (6,1) A really lovely class. 1 Jones’ Gwendariff Nutmeg ShCM. Feminine, with racy outline. Has quality and very close in the challenge. She is skeletally well constructed and fit with firm body and shapely outline. She never looses her shape, either standing or moving. Worked with impulsion and effortless gait, attentive to handler. 2 Bayne’s Corranroo Rainbow Kisses. Again, such soundness and quality, that she pushed the winner to the wire. Handled and turned out to advantage. Easy effortless gait. 2 cracking girls. 3 Hinslea’s Gwendariff Guess Who’s Comin To Northamber JW.

OB (1) 1 Armitage’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream CW’18. When going over this one and watching her go, I now know why there was only one in the class! It must be disheartening for her competitor’s. I have not been close to her before and never even had any thoughts on her, but close up and hands on, well she is fabulous. I have judged many good dogs in the breed over the years, but this takes some getting past. Stunning. CC, BOB & Group 3.

VB (2,1) 1 Gardner’s Sh Ch Thendara Jocasta JW. 9 years old and what a class act this is. So classic in every way. She was just right for body, no thickening, still shapely and quality muscle definition. In lesser company, I could even at this age be happy to give her the breed, she really deserved her awards today. Res CC & BV

GCDS B (1) 1 Nicolson’s Gwendariff On A Tic Ett To Lochindorb. Lovely disposition on this honest bitch. Pleasing head piece, good proportions. Maybe a touch more angulation in forequarters for ideal. Presented in good order. Flowing outline. Well deserved her first place here. Very nice.

Patsy Hollings


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