Belfast Dog Show Society 29 September 2018

Judge: Mr J Richardson (Darrochann

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Driffield 21 September 2018

Judge: Mrs Cheryl Stevenson

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Richmond 9 September 2018

Judge: Ray McCleave (Raesha)

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City of Birmingham Critique 2 September 2018

City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show              

2nd September 2018                                       Irish Setters

A big thank you to City Of Birmingham Canine Association for this wonderful judging opportunity and thank you to all exhibitors who entered.  There were some quality classes where I really did need more prize cards (PGD, LD  & LB in particular) . Since I last judged, the quality of dentition has unfortunately declined with uneven, untidy teeth becoming more common as are lighter eyes which can detract from the dogs’ expression.  I was very grateful to my 2 stewards for keeping everything flowing during the day.

    VETERAN DOG ( 8, 3 )

1st    Milligan-Bott & Bott SH CH THENDARA POT NOODLE JW Impressive dog with striking outline, now 8 years old, his virtues have been written about many times. He is a true showman, when standing he shows off his well-balanced body properties, beautiful condition and coat  and moves with verve.

2nd    Richardson & Richardson SH CH BRABROOK FLASH HARRY AT MONTGREENAN Sh CM  Handsome 7 year old, liked his head and expression,  shorter coupled  than 1, deep chest,  good topline and strong quarters and nice bend of stifle,  moved steadily.



1st    Bott, Allen & Morgan QUENSHA BACK TO BASICS Promising youngster, so well put together and  although only 6 months old he moved confidently and steadily round the large ring. Loved his overall confirmation with good bone and tight feet. Handsome balanced head with kind eye. Super dark coat .  BPD & BP

2nd    Pym, Milligan-Bott & Bott THENDARA MARSHMELLO  Quality puppy, only 6 months old , showing himself well in the noisy hall. Good body properties front and rear , appealing head and growing a  lovely coat,  in gleaming condition. Moved wll


PUPPY DOG ( 5,2)

Lucas KERRYFAIR LOVE ON THE ROCKS AMBERLIGHT This is a quality dog with  a kind dark eye in his masculine head, well off for bone, good straight front and neat feet, good rear angulation, shown in lovely coat and condition

2nd    Tye BRAIDMOUNT COME TO ME Quite a tall 10 moth old boy quite new to the show ring, he has good depth to his chest, topline ok, well bent stifles. Just needs to mature into his frame. Sound steady mover


JUNIOR DOG (13, 1)

1st    Anthony & Hopewell  STARATLANTAS OUT A TIME  Well balanced dark coated  young dog, only 14 months old , very together , loved his overall shape, deep chest, good front and angulation, appealing head with dark eye, no exaggerations. Moved very soundly. I am sure will give his owners lots of fun in the future. I believe this win gave him his JW today, very well done.

2nd    Danks-Kemish TELERI SUMMERTIME BLUES AVEC ALOLFRANA Young dog of fabulous type, developing just as he should with his proportionate body properties. He is a lovely size, nothing overdone and moves steadily.   



1st    Chalupa, Ostman & Croker  COPPER’S POPSICLE Handsome dog shown in strong muscular condition, a very fit dog. Lovely type with good bone and feet, deep chest , good topline, strong hind quarters and second thigh which he used to drive around the ring with his lashing tail.

2nd    Gisby SUTERESETT KING OF HEARTS JW Slightly taller dog than 1, dark coat with plenty of feathering, masculine head with good finish to foreface, good body properties, well  deserved his place on his overall confirmation and type


1st    Muir & O’Connor GWENDARIFF I’M COMNG OUT JW This dog was an easy winner of this class. He is well balanced throughout with an appealing  refined head. Very good angulation fore and rear, in lovely coat and condition and moved well.

2nd    McDowell  GWENDARIFFS GOING TO DO IT FOR BYEDALES A bigger dog than 1, again a refined head and a lovely overall shape. Super bone and tight feet. Moved OK


POST GRADUATE DOG ( 20, 1) Strong class

1st    Ciechonska  RIVERBRUE ALTISSIMO AT AOIBHEANNE JW  Loved this dog. He really has it all and just needs to mature on. Well proportioned with no  exaggerations, very handsome head with dark eye and expressive eyes, good neck and shoulders and plenty of rear angulation and short from hock to heel. Moved well

2nd    Chorley-Newton, Chorley & Flinders PAWSWORD PRICELESS TO KERRYFAIR JW   Heavier coated than 1. Fabulous type and a nice size. Liked his handsome head and expression , lovely low set ears.  Great body properties , deep chest, good topline, strong quarters . Movement okay, not as positive as 1.


LIMIT DOG ( 15, 2) Another strong class

1st    Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie GWENDARIFF UNKNOWN SOLDIER JW This dog had to work hard to win this strong class. What a handsome boy he is, beautiful well balanced head with the softest of expression from his dark, kind eyes. He has the body properties I was looking for and in fabulous coat and condition. Moved with drive around the ring. He is at his prime at the moment and I am sure his title is not far away. Considered him for RCC

2nd    Rowbottom LANSTARA SPRING MOON Not as rugged as 1, great overall shape with super deep chest, well laid back shoulders, good topline amd bend of stifle. Dark straight coat in tip top condition. Very balanced head, kind expression. Moved well


OPEN DOG ( 10, 0)

1st    Crocker  SH CH COPPER’S WAR OF ROSES ( SWED IMP ) I judged this dog in 2014 as a puppy and at that time he was an exhuberant young dog. He has now matured into a fabulous dog with such ring presence. He is not overdone in any way, his body properties flow seamlessly from his handsome head with low set ears and expressive eyes down his neck into well laid back shoulders, strong topline and quarters. He has a deep mahogany coat and lots of furnishings to finish off an outstanding profile. He moves steadily and at one with his handler. For me, he stole the show and I was pleased to award him CC & BOB

2nd    McLarnon SH CH & IR CH GWENDARIFF NUTS ABOUTU GLENAVNA JW This was a strong class and this dog challenged hard against a dog at the top of his form. He has similar very good body properties and again moved around the ring with verve. Loved his head and expression and overall style.  Thoroughly deserved RCC


1st    Anthony & Hopewell  STARATLANTAS OUT A TIME Junior winner

2nd    Heppell  DEEVONVILLE SANTANA Sh CM  This dog was unplaced in the very strong Limit Class. He is a well-balanced dog with deep chest, good reach of neck and shoulders. He has a lot to like about him and shows himself off well on the move.



1st    Hunter & Brown SH CH INT CH FAIRHAVEN LOUISE MOUNTBATTEN AT BRAIDMOUNT Lovely class.  This 8 year old is not showing any signs of her years. She absolutely combines being a truly feminine girl with both substance and style. She has all the body properties that I look for, deep chest, good front and rear angulation, strong topline held on the move. Such a pretty girl with a balanced refined head, lovely eyes and super ear set. Shown in beautiful coat and condition and she moved around the ring soundly and at one with her handler. In the final line up, she just filled my eye and I was pleased to award her  CC & BV

2nd    Gardner SH CH THENDARA JOCASTA JW A worthy Show Champion, she is well made, super shape and pleasing head. Moved soundly  


1st    Roberts JETSETTER CRYSTALE TO POLMENNOR What a sweetie, this girl. She is pretty, good length of neck, good bone, straight front, lovely deep chest, good quarters and moved steadily enjoying herself.  I understand she gained her JW today , very well done

2nd    Milligan-Bott & Bott THENDARA CRYSTAL ICE  Appealing baby, in beautiful coat and condition, super shape , good neck and shoulders, body of correct proportions and good rear angulation. Moved soundly

3rd    Kennedy-Sloane TWOACRES DESTINY


1st    Bougen GWENDARIFF HOT TICKET Very smart baby, balanced head with dark eyes, good overall racy shape , nothing overdone . Rich dark coat and moved well


3rd    Richardson & Richardson  BRABROOK TRUE VIOLET FOR MONTGREENAN
JUNIOR BITCH ( 13, 4) Nice class

1st    Mugford  LYNWOOD ABRACADABRA JW A very well built feminine young lady, lovely type,  very together and balanced throughout , deep chest, well ribbed, good topline,  strong quarters, moved steadily

2nd    Heather  SIXOAKS LEADING LADY Another lovely girl, similar shape to 1 but a little bit bigger and slightly less refined , liked her overall body properties and she moved okay


1st    Hall GLENNARA CILEIGNE DERVLA Dark coated appealing girl, good deep chest, straight front, refined head, shown in lovely bloom. Moved okay

2nd    Frampton STRATHMEAD NOELLA JW  Really sweet feminine pretty girl, nothing overdone or exaggerated , lovely shape standing, not quite as steady as 1 on the move

GRADUATE BITCH (16, 4) Nice class

1st    Humphreys CRIMPINGTON FLIRTI TO HENALEAS JW This girl is teeming with quality, dark coated, super head with wistful expression from those dark eyes and low set ears. Good body properties front and rear and a great little mover. Promising future ahead

2nd    Kolbach PAWSWORD POT POURRI  Rich dark coat with plenty of movement, lovely shape, deep chest, good topline and strong quarters. Shown in lovely condition. Moved well


1st    Bott, Allen & Morgan QUENSHA TUMBLE & TWIRL JW  Elegant girl with attractive head, lovely low set ears and kind expression, super depth of chest, good bone, maintained her topline on the move as she moved steadily with her competent handler. A great future ahead of her I am sure

2nd    Hall  HARREDS HETTIE Different type to 1, smaller with dark mahogany wavy coat, very feminine with great overall body properties with strong quarters. Liked her a lot


LIMIT BITCH ( 18, 2)  Very strong class, needed more prize cards

1st    Stevenson LOCHLORIEN SCULLY FOXES ANDLEY Sh CM   Sound honest bitch, another that combines femininity with  substance and soundness and she gives her all when moving around the ring.  Her body properties are excellent and everything I was looking for, great depth front and rear, strong quarters and good tailset, super condition and coat. She is not a flashy bitch, just everything is right. Her head is typical and balanced with expressive eyes and good finish to her foreface, won the class  Pleased to award her RCC

2nd    Danks-Kemish RAPPATY STAR LIGHT OVER ALOLFRANA JW Sh CM Another top drawer young lady. Refined head with good finish to foreface, super reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, strong topline, excellent quarters and tail set. Moved well

OPEN BITCH ( 9, 4)

1st    Van Der Valk DUBLINNER CANBERRA  Elegant, feminine young lady built on racy lines, she won this class on her overall body properties, good front and rear angulation, strong topline and in great condition, loved her beautiful head with dark  expressive eyes and she moved around the ring soundly and stylishly

2nd    Crocker SH CH RIVERBRUE GLORIANA Another quality bitch shown in fabulous coat and condition. She is so feminine with  a  very balanced outline , deep chest, good bone, nice tight feet, close decision between 1 & 2

3rd    Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott THENDARA CHASING BOYS TO SUMARIC

1st    Hadfield MARZANNE CHINA IN YOUR HAND  3 year old, good overall shape and rear angulation, lacking in featherings which made her look very immature. Sweet head, would prefer a little more work in it. Steady mover

Judge :   Christina Sheldon

The Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs– 2 September 2018

The Joint Irish Setter Breed Club hosted by ISBC – 2 September 2018

Critique – Bitches

I would like to thank the Officers & Committee for inviting me to judge this very prestigious show & for the beautiful engraved paperweight which I will treasure. I compliment them on their excellent organisation.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day which was helped considerably by my very competent stewards.

I do however wish to mention a couple of concerns I have of the breed.

Many of the younger bitches lack substance & have insufficient bone from which to grow on. I also did find several level bites in higher classes. Movement in many exhibits leaves a great deal to be desired as they lack forward reach & drive. Generally, though the breed seems to be in good order & bodes well for the future.

MPB(9 -1ab)

1st Milligan-Bott & Bott: Thendara Crystal Ice. Well off for bone. Good front with brisket, pretty head & pleasing expression. Well angulated, firm topline, neat feet. Moves steadily. Very promising.

2nd Roberts: Jetsetter Cristalle to Polmennor. Very close decision between 1 & 2. Another very promising puppy. Pleasing outline, good topline, neck & shoulders. In excellent coat & condition. Moved well.

3rd Berry & Morris: Quensha What a Girl Wants.

PB (10 – 2ab)

1st Nicholson: Gwendariff Just the Ticket for Lochindorb. Very eye-catching young lady with lots of ring presence. Beautiful head & expression. Lovely reach of neck into good shoulders. Excellent front, pleasing front & rear angulation. Firm topline. Moved with style & drive. BBP & Best Puppy in Show. Well done she is lovely

2nd Roberts Jetsetter Cristalle to Polmennor

3rd Bougen: Gwendariff Hot Ticket. Litter sister to No.1 smaller but has many of the same attributes. Moved soundly.

Junior (10 – (4 ab)

1st Mugford: Lynwood Abracadabra. Lovely class of extremely promising bitches but this young lady really has the ‘Wow Factor’ I just loved her. Beautiful outline, excellent front. Good neck & shoulders. Well off for bone, in good coat & condition. Lovely head with melting expression. Moved soundly with drive.

2nd Bayne: Corranroo One More Kiss. A bigger bitch but very well balanced throughout.

Good front & rear angulation. Pleasing head, excellent neck & shoulders, pleasing expression. Moved soundly.

3rd   Edwards: Gwendariff Numero Uno at Bonhomie. Lovely outline, pleasing head& expression. Moved soundly. Just lacking furnishings today.

Yearling (7 - 2ab)

1st  Hall: Glennara Cilleigne Dervla. Beautiful, feminine bitch who I am sure has a bright future. Excellent front with good brisket. Pleasing neck & shoulders. Good angulation both front & rear, neat feet. Moved soundly with good front reach & drive from the rear.

2nd Frampton: Strathmead Noella. Close decision between these first two & many of the winner’s comments apply to this pretty bitch. Excellent front, neck & shoulders, good firm topline. Pleasing throughout. Moved soundly.

3rd Gratton: Glenaine Mrs. Tiggy Winkle. Pretty smaller & very feminine. A little erratic on move & not obliging handler today.

Maiden (7)

1st Roberts: Jetsetter Cristalle to Polmennor – this win gave this pretty bitch her Junior Warrant – well done.

2nd Stewart: Gwendariff Wonder Woman. VHC in a very strong Junior class. Pleasing shape. Pretty head & expression.  Good front, neck & shoulders. Firm topline moved soundly.

3rd Green: Braidmount Dreamed a Dream for Glencarron. Substantial bitch. Pleasing shape. Good front neck & shoulders. Moved soundly.

Novice (9 – 2ab)

1st Roberts: Jetsetter Crisalle to Polmennor

2nd Stewart: Wonder Woman

3rd Glenlaine Mrs. TiggyWinkle

Under Grad. (8 4ab)

1st Mugford:  Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely. Yes, she certainly is! Most feminine, lovely make & shape. Beautiful head & expression. Excellent front, neck & shoulders. Moved well with real drive.

2nd Stewart: Gwendarriff Wonder Woman

3rd Davie: Lochfrae Nina Simone. Very sound bitch. Good front neck & shoulders. Pleasing head & lovely dark eye. Moved soundly

Graduate (16 – 6ab)

1st Humphreys: Crimpington Flirtin to Henalas Delighted to judge this young lady as I have always admired her & was not disappointed. Won a very good class of quality bitches. Shown in tip top condition. Lovely dark coat. Best of outlines/topline which she held on the move. Good front, neck & shoulders, excellent rear angulation. Lovely eye colour & expression. Moved soundly

2nd Hinslea: Gwendariff Guess who’s Coming to Northamber.  Another favorite of mine & unlucky to meet the winner as many of my comments apply for me as she is just lovely but very different. Very elegant, beautiful head & expression. Pleasing front, neck & shoulders, firm topline. Moved soundly & with style. I am sure these two young bitches have a very bright future.

3rd Elkins Two Acres Promise of Spring with Avacet. Another very nice bitch. Good eye & expression, pleasing front. Moved soundly with drive.

Post Grad (12 – 5 ab)

1st Hall: Harreds Hettie. Won this class with ease. Small compact bitch that has all the essentials so very well balanced & handled. Pleasing head & eye. Firm topline. Correct angulation Lovely dark coat.  Moved with real drive & purpose.

2nd Watts: Shenanagin Sweet Sixteen. Very different in type to the winner but lots to like about her. She is very feminine with the sweetest of expressions. Good reach of neck correct front assembly, good front & rear angulation. Moved well with drive.

3rd Jones: Alolfrana in a Hot Storm over Wenflaen. Different type. Pleasing shape, head eye & expression. Moved well.

Mid Limit (10 – 2ab)

1st Mugford: Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood. Lovely feminine bitch who oozes quality.

Superb topline which she held on the move.  Good front, correct neck & shoulders. Sweet, melting expression.  Very good feet which so many exhibits lack. So well proportioned & balanced.  Excellent over the croup. Moved with good front reach & drive from the rear& at one with her handler. For me she is just lovely, so full of breed type & even though she needs more furnishings I could not deny her the Res. CC  

2nd Bott: Quensha Tumble & Twirl. A more substantial bitch than winner, pleasing in outline. Good front neck & shoulders. Correct angulation both front & rear. Moved very positively with real drive.

3rd Nevitt: Aoibheanne’s Stay with Me. Very nice type, feminine head & expression, correct eye. Pleasing outline, good angulation, moved soundly.

Limit (10 – 2ab)

1st Henderson: Sametsuz Mak’n Honey. Beautifully elegant & very refined. Lovely head & expression. Pleasing front, neck & shoulders, neat feet, correct topline & croup. Moved with drive & at one with her handler.

2nd Bayne: Corranroo Rainbos Kisses. More substantial than the winner but a very honest type. Pleasing head & expression. Good front, neck & shoulders. Stood well over the ground. Moved soundly.

3rd Pike Redclyst Aura.Elegant bitch pleasing make & shape. Feminine head with melting expression. Good front & rear angulation – not carrying the condition of first two. Moved soundly

Open (12 – 5ab)

1st Crocker: Sh. Ch. Riverbrue Gloriana. Beautiful in all departments. She stands well over the ground without any exaggeration. Just love her head, eye & expression. Has the best of fronts with brisket which many exhibits lack. Correct lay of shoulder, firm topline, pleasing angulation both front & rear. Moved with real drive & at one with her excellent handler. For me she was the star of the day so awarded her the CC & delighted that my co-judge agreed that she should be BIS. At just two & half years of age I am sure she will have many more top honors – just wish she were mine!

2nd Sturrock: Sh. Ch. Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady. A bitch that I have admired from the ringside & delighted to have the opportunity to go over her – I was not disappointed.  She is so well balanced, Pleasing head, lovely eye & expression. Good neck & shoulders, correct topline, excellent over croup. Neat feet. Moved well.

3rd Hall: transferred from Grad. but held her own in this Open Class. Pleasing head, lovely eye & expression. Well balanced. Moved soundly.

Veteran (6 – 4ab)

1st Hunter: Sh. Ch. Int. Ch. Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount. Felt very privileged to go over this very well-known bitch.  She is truly lovely & so full of breed type. Exquisite head, lovely eye & expression. Correct front, neck, shoulders & topline.

Good angulation. Moved with real drive not showing age. BVIS.

2nd Magi: Hun. Ch. Sangarah Purity. When looking at catalogue & saw her breeding realized why I liked her! Just my type – very feminine & not overdone in any department. Sweetest of heads, lovely expression. Good front, neck & shoulders. Moved soundly.

Judge: Gaye O’Connor     

Joint Irish Setter Clubs Championship Show 2 September 2018

Judges: Dogs: Mrs Pat Rutherford    
Bitches: Mrs Gaye O'Connor

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Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs 2 September 2018

Dog Judge Mrs P Rutherford       
Bitch Judge Mrs G O'Connor

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City of Birmingham 2 September 2018

Judge: Mrs C Sheldon

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