Critique - Judge Debbie Brown

Thank you for committee for inviting me to judge our special breed, my stewards for running things smoothly and especially to the exhibitors for entering your lovely dogs.  A quality entry but a shame that there were so many absentees.


Class 16 Puppy  5(3)

1. Anthony and Hopewell’s  , Staratlantas Out A Time . Striking boy full of confidence. So well balanced  with a strong gently flowing topline and great angulation both front and rear . Handsome  head with dark expressive eyes . Moved with drive and very well handled.  A bright future awaits him. BP .delighted to see him go on to win BPIG and best puppy in show. Congratulations

2. Ward’s Bardonhill Lady Aurelia at Copperwhite. A pity she had to meet 1 today who was in top form.   Very pretty head with a dark eye , straight front , shoulders well laid back , good rear angulation. Handler needs to stretch her out a little more .  Moved ok but not as confident as 1.

Class 17 Junior 8(4)

1. Holley’s  Wynjill Snap Dragon.  This boy caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. So elegant and racy with a  stunning  outline and a gently sloping topline. Good reach of neck, layback of shoulder and upper arm angulation with a fabulous bend of stifle. He has the neatest of feet.  I just loved his head and dark eye so appealing with the super soft expression I like to see in our breed. Moved very well. I believe this win gave him his last JW point - congratulations.  BOB . So pleased to see him shortlisted  in the group,  I am sure he will be one to watch .

2.  Hart’s Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae. Smaller dog than 1 but I really liked him too.
So well  balanced with no exaggerations.  Good depth and well angulated both shoulders and upper arm with good bend of stifle which enabled him to drive round the ring . Handsome, masculine head, dark eye, low set ears .

3, Fitmaurice’s Harreds Trooper

Class 18 Yearling 4 (2)

1.  Holley’s Wynjill Snap Dragon .

2.   Hart’s Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae

Class 19 Post Graduate 8 (6)

1.  Waterton’s Sandstream Summer Breeze (JW).  Such a pretty girl with dark almond shaped eyes and the softest of expressions - so feminine and appealing.She has the neatest of feet.   Well laid back shoulders , good  upper arm angulation and reach of neck all flowing into a gently flowing  topline which she held on the move. A shame she left her feathering at home . RBOB

2.  Greenan’s Anlory Aiden (JW). A real masculine boy but without courseness .  Strong arched neck , terrific forechest , well angulated upper arm and shoulders.  Great bend of stifle which enabled him to power around the ring which I would have expected given his breeding. Handsome head with nice dark eye. Was a little fidgety on the stand .

Class 20 Open 2 (2)

Debbie Brown

Gundog group judge Karen James
Best in show Joyce whiting
Puppy 3a
1st Anthony and Hopewells Staratlantas Out A Time also gundog puppy group 1 and best puppy in show
2nd Whites Bardonhill Lady Aurelia at copperwhite
Junior 4a
1st Holley Wynjill snap dragon
2nd Harts Gwendariff in the limelight with gilliegrae
3rd Fitzmaurice Harreds trooper
Res Randle Forfarians hidden secret with rionore
yearling 1a
1st Holley Wynjill  snap Dragon
2nd Harts Gwendariff in the limelight with gilliegrae
Post graduate 5a
1st Waterton Sandstream summer breeze JW
2nd Greenan Anlory aiden

Open    2 entered 2a

Results kindly supplied by Maddy Anthony


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