Critique - Judge: Mrs C Butler (Rubymoon)

Veteran Dog 6 entries 3abs

1st Stocktons Kespas Infrared JW Very smartly turned out who looked in great condition. He was so well balanced with strong topline and moved with plenty of drive. BVIS

2nd Lucas Caskeys Persauder from Amberlight.Pushed winner very hard. Lovely dark coat and still looking fit.Just preferred tail carriage of winner on the move.

3rd farndells Cordarragh Huggy Bear.

Veteran Bitch 4 entries 1abs

1st Bradys IR SH CH Harreds Jessica by Amberlight Looked very well and seemed to be enjoying her day out. Well made with straight front and tidy feet. Good angulation behind, and lovely deep chest.

2nd Catlings Highclare Mary Poppins at Teleri .Again looked very well . Nice outline but carrying a little weight.

3rd Watertons Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW SHCM

Minor Puppy Dog 5 entries 1abs

1st Lutos Rappatty Excaliber Handsome dog who has plenty of bone, smart outline and lovely dark smooth coat .More mature than 2 .

2nd Stocktons Gwendariff Dr Pepper.A gangly puppy who looked to be enjoying his day out .Good front and excellent back end all led to good movement

3rd Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 entries

1st Lutos Rappatty Lady Marisque. Litter sister to MDP winner.Very similar in type .Didnt seem as happy stacked at times as her brother, but nice outline and same rich dark coat. Moved well when owner relaxed lead. Has very pretty head and straight front with good front angulation.

2nd Hensons Millcroft Crystal Moon makes Tatsbro.Raw baby who had plenty of substance and strong quarters.However preferred shoulders of one. Moved well with plenty of drive for a baby.

3rd Gilliegrae Cuanna Ariadne.

Puppy Dog 7 entries 2bs

1st Milligan/Bott & Botts Thendara Pot Noodle.I Loved this puppy at MISS CH SH and couldnt change my mind today .Lovely head with cheeky expression, super outline when stood with plenty of bone and tidy feet. Very good angulation front and rear .Moved well when settled but plays owner up on move .Excellent coat and condition finished picture BPIS.

2ND Pollard and Cooks Grayrigge Benedict. Again looked super when stood.Excellent quality .Appealing expression and angulation .Very little to choose between these two and i am sure they will change places many times.

3rd Rappatty Excaliber.

Puppy Bitch 6 entries 1abs

1st Gardner Milligan Botts and Botts Thendara Lenamore .Pleased to see this is puppy dog winners sister.She took my eye as she came in . So well made , excellent length of neck fitting smoothly into well laid shoulders, super topline and very pretty.Again in excellent condition.Very sound but brother had extra verve in challenge.

2nd Pollards Grayrigge Beatrice.Very well made bitch who didnt co operate with handler at times but is pleasing type ,well made ,with strong quarters . Preferred movement of one.

3rd Rappatty Lady Marisque.

Junior Dog 6entries

1st Prangles Heathclare Moet Magic. Substantial dog with excellent outline ,balanced head and plenty of depth with well sprung ribs.Super strong quarters used to advantage on the move.

2nd Wilders Riverman My Will. Preferred head type of one ,but balanced with low set ears.Looked good when stacked and moved well.Litter brother to junior bitch winner.
rd farndells Cordarragh Rembrandt.

Junior Bitch 16entries 3abs

Quality class. Certainly spoilt for choice.

1st Howatsons Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders. When she came into the ring i spotted her and when going over her,she is very well made.Prettiest head with kind eye ,soft expression,and correct earset,arched muscular neck fitting smoothly into topline.Shoulders well angulated ,good bend of stifle,very balanced and in super glossy coat.Moved with purpose and drive.Loved her. She pushed very hard for RBB but just beaten on maturity.

2nd Reeds Taterslee Athena.Unlucky to meet one looking so well.Very balanced ,but not coat of winner.Could certainly show many how to move with her strong powerful action.

3rd Muirs Romarne Savannah JW.

Yearling Dog 6 entries 1abs

1st Sheldons Balantyne Foreign Affair at Delsanto JW .Masculine head with kind eye and correct ear set in good condition ,strong bone and plenty of depth and lung room.Gently sloping topline. All in all a very well made dog.

2nd Gardners Mayfred Mr Moonshine JW Fine upstanding dog, good body shape and excellent bend of stifle.Just preferred tail set of one.

3rd Heathclare Moet Magic.

Yearling Bitch 9 entries 2 abs

1st Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders.

2nd Catling Shandwick Star Shine at Teleri.Mature bitch , well bodied ,carrying a little weight at withers today,has correct feminine skull shape and low set ears,good width and strength in quarters

3rd Mann and Condrons Covarney Annabelle with Hopstone .

Novice Dog 8 entries 3abs

1st Thendara Pot Noodle .Owner says this win gave him his junior warrant.

2nd Gwilliams and Bozier Millcroft Poachers Moon of Victoriaview.Suprised to find him still in novice.Masculine all through with plenty of coat.Nice head and outline,strong bone .Showed well .

3rd Heathclare Moet Magic.

Novice Bitch 17 entries 7 abs

1st Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders.

2nd Tatterslee Athena

3rd Heathclare A Kind of Magic.

Grad Dog 10 entrie 5 abs

1st Pullen and Atkin Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail .Think this was the first time i had seen this dog and i loved him. Classic head and straight front ,excellent angulation front and rear .Looked lovely stacked and moved with plenty of drive.In good coat.When i saw how he was bred i can see why i liked him.RBD Just beaten on maturity.

2nd Millcroft Poachers Moon of Victoriaview

3rd Deaconara Dance de Blue Avec Dotcomsetter JW

Grad Bitch 7 entries

1stBradys Reddins Frolic among Amberlight.Lovely head with correct eye and ear set. Looked really well and in full coat.Well made all through and moved well.Lovely tidy feet.

2nd Hyslops and Stewart/Ritchie Gwendariff What A Showgirl So well balanced when stacked ,with lovely neck and shoulder placement.Very smartly turned out and also in full coat Preferred movement of one.

3rd Clemences Anlory Astra.

Post Grad dog 3 entries

1st Bettis Reddins Lester at ornella.Handsome dog with masculine head ,plenty of bone ,and tidy feet .Enough coat to finish picture

2nd Reddins Falcon Litter brother to grad bitch winner .Well made dog but slightly longer cast than one .Lovely head and plenty of coat.Both very well made. A hard decision for me.

3rd Ross Autumnglow Onyx

Post Grad Bitch 8 entries 5abs

1st Watertons Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at SandstreamJW Stood out in this class.In full coat and very well presented.So pretty with mischevious expression ,well balanced when stacked ,everything just fits.

2nd Hensons Millcroft Moon Gypsy for Tasbro. Sound bitch ,well made ,but slightly over weight and lacking coat.

3rd Farndells Cordarragh Jive Bunny

Limit Dog 5 entries 3abs

1st Naylor and Morrisons Anlory Bonarda JW Handsome headed boy who has the look at me approach.Lovely when stacked with full rich chesnut coat.Moved Well

2nd Millans Landscot Going for Gold. Again in full coat but not as well presented as one .Looked good standing and moving but preferred topline of one.

Limit Bitch 5 entries 1abs

1st Naylor and Morrisons Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW Liked this bitch very much .Coat not her fortune but pleasing head and eye with well set neck and shoulders .Wide and powerful quarters used to their best advantage on the move RBB

2ND Muirs Romarne Delilah JW .Pushed winner very hard .Lovely rich coat but lacking feathering.Balanced head with kind eye .Very well made ,but preferred topline of winner

3rd Clemence Anlory Corvina

Open Dog 3 entries 1abs

1st Edwards SH CH Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW Pleasing all through ,his head is well made with plenty of stop ,good reach of neck leading into well made shoulders.Topline superb which he kept on the move with lashing tail .In full coat and turned out to perfection.Pushed hard for BIS but preferred hind action on the bitch RBIS.

2ND Cohens Caispern Vilette with ShushanaJW Heavier headed dog but still in proportion with good angulation front and rear .Longer cast than one .Lovely rich colour

Open Bitch 3 entries 1abs

1st Powis SH CH Amberwave Freckles JW Looked stunning when she came in the ring .Superb when stacked .Kind dark eye and low set ears ,front straight with plenty of depth of chest .Front and rear angulation not overdone which all led to sound movement .Lovely rich dark colour and so well presented ,but maybe a little lacking in feathering underneath.Tail set correct and used to advantage on the move BIS

2ND O Callaghans Bardonhill Almost Heaven at Merrybourne .Coat needed a lot of work .Pretty head and good outline ,but movement affected by bieng slightly overweight.

Judge Mrs C E Butler

Best Bitch + BIS - Powis's - Sh Ch Amberwave Freckles JW
Best Dog and RBIS - Edwards - Sh Ch Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW
Reserve Best Dog - Pullen - Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail
Reserve Best Bitch - Naylor + Morrison's - Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW
Best Puppy Dog and BPIS - Milligan-Bott + Bott - Thendara Pot Noodle (who also gained his JW at the show)
Best Puppy Bitch - Gardner, Milligan-Bott + Bott's - Thendara Lenamore
Best Veteran Dog + BVIS - Stockton's - Kespas Infrared JW
Best Veteran Bitch - Brady's - Ir Sh Ch Harreds Jessica by Amberlight
Results kindly supplied by Julie Greenan & Viv Blackshaw


Slideshow - Claire Prangle




1. Kespas Infrared JW - Stockton
2. Cakeys Persuader from Amberlight - Lucas
3. Cordarragh Huggie Bear - Farndell


1. Ir Sh Ch Harreds Jessica by Amberlight – Brady
2. Highclare Mary Poppins at Teleri - Catling
3. Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW ShCm – Waterton


1. Rappatty Excalibur – Luto
2. Gwendariff Dr Pepper – Stockton
3. Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight – Lucas
Res Ixia Josiah at Merryborne NAF – O’Callaghan


1. Rappatty Lady Marisque – Luto
2. Millcroft Crystal Moon makes Tatsbro – Henson
3. Gilliegrae Cuanna Ariadne – Hart
Res Victoriaview Velvet – Gwilliam & Bozier


1. Thendara Pot Noodle – Milligan-Bott & Bott
2. Grayrigge Benedict – Pollard & Cook
3. Rappatty Excalibur – Luto
Res Jonola Spirit of Adventure – Ebb
VHC Autumnglow Viva - Ross


1. Thendara Lenamore – Gardner, Milligan-Bott & Bott
2. Grayrigge Beatrice - Pollard & Cook
3. Rappatty Lady Marisque – Luto
Res Autumnglow Virgo - Ross
VHC Tagamagos Piper - Savage


1. Heathclare Moet Magic – Prangle
2. Riverman My Will – Wilder
3. Cordarragh Rembrandt – Farndell
Res Kedalita Apollo – Cox
VHC Kirkavagh The Wizard - Cardwell


1. Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders - Howatson
2. Tatterslee Athena – Reed
3. Romarne Savannah JW – Muir
Res Amberwave Puzzle – Powis
VHC Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett


1. Balintyne Foreign Intrigue at Delsanto JW - Sheldon
2. Mayfred Mr Moondance JW - Gardner
3. Heathclare Moet Magic – Prangle
Res Kedalita Apollo – Cox
VHC Kirkavagh The Wizard - Cardwell


1. Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders - Howatson
2. Shandwick Star Shine at Teleri – Catling
3. Covarney Annabelle with Hopstone – Mann & Condron
Res Grayrigge Rosalind JW - Pollard
VHC Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett


1. Thendara Pot Noodle – Milligan-Bott & Bott
2. Millcroft Poachers Moon of Victoriaview - Gwilliam & Bozier
3. Heathclare Moet Magic – Prangle
Res Riverman My Will – Wilder
VHC Rappatty Jack The Lad - Luto


1. Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders - Howatson
2. Tatterslee Athena – Reed
3. Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett
Res Rappatty Red Velvet – Hart
VHC Victoriaview Velvet – Gwilliam & Bozier


1. Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail - Pullen
2. Millcroft Poachers Moon of Victoriaview - Gwilliam & Bozier
3. Deaconara Danse De Bleu Avec Dotcomsetter – Lewis
Res Brinara Back in the Running – Axon
VHC Brabrook Master Craftsman with Shushana - Cohen


1. Reddins Frolic Among Amberlight – Brady
2. Gwendariff Whata Showgirl – Hyslop & Stewart-Ritchie
3. Anlory Astra - Clemence
Res Lanstara Lollipop - Blackshaw
VHC Salwarp Socialite at Chugerra - McDonald


1. Reddins Lester at Ornella – Bettis
2. Reddins Falcon – Wood
3. Autumnglow Onyx - Ross


1. Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW – Waterton
2. Millcroft Moon Gypsy for Tatsbro - Henson
3. Cordarragh Jive Bunny - Farndell


1. Anlory Bonarda JW – Naylor & Morrison
2. Landscot Going for Gold - Millan


1. Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW - Naylor & Morrison
2. Romarne Delilah JW – Muir
3. Anlory Corvina – Clemence
Res Autumnglow Flame - Ross

CLASS: 19 OPEN DOG (3,1)

1. Sh Ch Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW - Edwards
2. Caispern Vilette with Shushana – Cohen


1. Sh Ch Amberwave Freckles JW - Powis
2. Bardonhill Almiost Heaven at Merryborne – O’Callaghan


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