Critique - Judge: Mr Bruno Fauvrelle (Fionnlugh)

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and the committee of this society for inviting me to judge, the stewards for their assistance, the exhibitors for entering and the privilege of going over their dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

English Setter

Open (5,1abs)

1. Bridgewater, Davies & Jeffrey's - Brucelm Diamond Harry Rocks. Handsome boy with a pleasing head and eye. In good condition, well constructed throughout with good shoulder placement and return of upper arm. Good depth of rib, strong hindquarters which allowed him to move effortlessly . Very well presented hence BOB.

2. Saunders' - Shanandi Evening Star. A well proportioned bitch, pleasing head and expression. Lots to admire.

3. Lewis' - Tattersett Doctor At Large with Kegil

Gordon Setter

Puppy (7,1abs)

Hard class to assess since some of the younger ones gave their handlers a very hard time, difficult to judge when stacked and on the move.

1. Upton–Lovett & Upton's - Roydack Loves A Blazin. Very promising puppy bitch of six months with a lot of maturing to come. Good temperament for one so young, she was not fazed at all. Lovely head with good length of neck and shoulders. Nicely balanced throughout, very sound and positive on the move.

2. Butler's - Yennadon Fortes at Rubymoon. Heavier all through, lots to admire about him, just preferred the overall balance of 1.

3. Davidson's - Glenquest Irn Bru

Junior (2)

1. Seymour's - Pegasett Black N' Tantrum. An 8 months puppy bitch, well developed at this early age especially for this breed. Lovely head, kind eye and with a good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Good spring of ribs, good front and nice rear angulations which allowed her to move soundly. BOB & BP

2. Butler's - Yennadon Fortes at Rubymoon

Irish Red and White Setter


Two quality exhibits that could swap places any time, both were a joy to go over.

1. Horrocks' - Spiralwood Secret Love For Itchenwych. Loved the outline of this young lady, very eye catching and well presented. Pleasing head and eye, very feminine. Good angulations fore & aft with super width of thigh giving rear strength, enabling her to stride out and move impressively.

2. Lamb's - Casafelice Montadale, a well made dog with good front and rear assembly, nice shaped head and good spring of ribs. Just preferred 1 for her overall appearance.

Post Graduate(1,0)

1. Horrocks' - Spiralwood Secret Love for Itchenwych

Open (4,2abs)

1. Lamb's - Casafelice Askanian. Well constructed dog , nicely presented . Good head and skull very much in proportion to body. Deep chest, well sprung ribs with good front and rear quarters. Excellent coat condition and colour markings. Moved really well covering the ground with drive. BOB

2. Horrocks' - Spiralwood Secret Love For Itchenwych - Not much to choose between these two quality exhibits for BOB, very close decision.

Irish Setter

All four classes were not just numerically represented but were hotly contested and full of quality, very much spoilt for choice. Again thank you for entering which made my journey worth it.

Puppy (14,6abs)

Strong class with some promising youngsters to go over.

1. Sheldon's - Delsanto Snow Belle - Very promising 8 months bitch . Nice shaped head and stop, chiselling under soft, dark almond eye. Well balanced, everything fitted and flowed. Good angulations and strong quarters, very confident and steady happy mover. Pleased to award her BP.

2. Hyslop's - Gwendariff The Specialist - another quality youngster, good type, well balanced outline . Nice head ,clean neck and shoulders and body properties, should have a good future. Well handled and presented.

3. Luto's – Rappatty Excalibur

Junior (7,3abs)

1. Howatson's - Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders. This young lady caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring . My find of the day, so stunning to look at from all angles and she combines elegance with substance. So well balanced, head feminine and refined with a lovely rich chestnut coat & feathering . Correct construction with good depth, topline and condition, Well developed quarters, which she used well on the move. Pleased to hear this win gave her her junior warrant.

2. Pollard's - Grayrigge Beatrice - lots to admire and drool over with this pretty 12 months bitch, well developed, pleasing head & eyes, well bodied with good front and rear angulations.

3. Sheldon's - Delsanto Snow Belle

Post Graduate(14,4abs)

1. Howatson's - Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders.

2. Lewis' - Deaconara Danse De Bleu Avec Dotcomsetter JW – well presented dog, balanced and proportionate in gleaming coat and condition. Well muscled hindquarters, slightly unsettled on the move, however good overall profile.

3. Gardner's Mayfred Mr Moondance JW


1. Stevenson's - Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW - Standing, this bitch presented true elegance with substance. Completely balanced from nose to tail, beautiful head and nice length of neck and shoulders and good body properties . Very much a stylish mover and in harmony with her handler she strode out with excellent carriage and showing a clean pair of heels. Very well handled and presented. BOB & G3.

2. Ashley-Turner's - Baibreeze Fred Astaire – Very well presented, good depth of chest just a little short in loin for my liking, however I liked his movement, he strode out holding his head and topline.

3. Clemence's - Anlory Corvina

Bruno Fauvrelle

BoB & Gundog Group 3 : Stevenson's Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW
Best Puppy: Sheldon's Delsanto Snow Belle

Puppy (14) abs(4)

1st and BP Sheldon’s Delsanto Snow Belle
2nd Hyslop’s Gwendariff The Specialist
3rd Luto’s Rappatty Excalibur
Res Carter’s Gwendariff Specially Maid
VHC Rowles’ Zendarric Arizona Sunset

Junior (10) abs(3)

1st Howatson’s Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders (Final JW Point-Congratulations)
2nd Pollard’s Grayrigge Beatrice
3rd Sheldon’s Delsanto Snow Belle
Res Ashley-Turner’s Reddins Keats
VHC Luto’s Rappatty Excalibur

Post Graduate
(14) abs(3)
1st Howatson’s Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders
2nd  Lewis’ Deaconara Danse De Bleu Avec Dotcomsetter JW
3rd  Gardner’s Mayfred Mr Moondance JW
Res Kennedy-Sloane’s Twoacres Sweet Charity
VHC Hopewell’s Davset It’s Now Or Never

(6) abs(1)
1st and BOB Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW
2nd Ashley-Turner’s Baibreeze Fred Astaire
3rd Clemence’s Anlory Corvina
Res Carter’s Kerrimere Just Rumours
VHC Garrigan’s Siochanna Tiaquin Taffia Forever Knocknavarra
Results kindly supplied by Sandra Corless & Chris Sheldon


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