Critique - Judge: Mr Jim Richardson (Montgreenan)



1.Swainston's Togipoto Ice God,

Moved well for a baby lovely balanced head with low set ears. Well set shoulders and good angulation good straight front and rear. BP

2 Sheldon's Delsanto Snow Belle. 3 Farndell's Cordarragh Sophie


1 Pallister's Penwyn Red Admiral
Well balanced young dog. Good spring of rib nice dark coat deep chest with a good length of loin, straight front and rear.

 2. Ebb's Jonola Spirit of Adventure.  

PG (6;3)

1. Shepherd's  Casachared

Flanagan O'Fin Good straight front and rear. Deep chest good head and length of neck good bone nice spring of rib, held top line on the move RBOB.

2.Hopewell's Davset it's Now or Never.

3 Booth's Kirwilldale Snow Patrol.

OD (2;0)

1.Booth's  Kirwilldale Beethoven,

Nice shape of head with good chiselled stop good dark eye good length  of neck running into well laid shoulders good front and rear good turn of stifle carried top line on the move.

2 Shepherd's Casachared Flanagan O'Flynn.


1.Lennox's Hartsbourn Hyacinth,

Quality bitch shown in full coat. Good head nice dark eye nice chisled stop good ear set good length of neck running into well laid shoulders good front and rear good turn of stifle held her top line on the move  Quality girl delighted to see her get bitch ticket at her next show, well done Wendy and Stephen. BOB.

2 Dale's Aubanjon Celtic Spirit.

3 Hopewell's Davset Bonne De Fleur.

GSP J(1;0)

1. Exford's
Beljam Camelia , moved well, Straight front and rear. Correctly shaped skull with good ear set and nice strong neck. O(2;1)  1. Collins' Twice as Nice of Forestpoint,
Straight front and rear, moved well, awarded BOB as on the day moved better. nice strong neck, good shape to skull and correct ear set. Pleased to see him get G4


Jim Richardson


BOB: Lennox’s Hartsbourne Hyacinth
Res.BOB: Shepherd’s Casachared Flanagan O’Fin
Best Puppy:Swainston’s Togipoto Ice God

Irish Setter Puppy (5;0)

Irish Setter Junior (2; 0)

1.  Pallister’s Penwyn Red Admiral
2.  Ebb’s Jonola Spirit of Adventure 

Irish Setter Post Graduate (6; 3)

1.  Shepherd’s Casachared Flanagan O’Fin   RBOB
2.  Hopewell’s Davset Its Now or Never
3.  Booth’s Kirwilldale Snow Patrol 

Irish Setter Open Dog  (2; 0)

1.  Booth’s Kirwilldale Beethoven
2. Shepherd’s Casachared Flyn O’Flanagan

Irish Setter Open Bitch (8; 4)

1.  Lennox’s Hartsbourne Hyacinth    BOB
2. Dale’s Aubanjon Celtic Spirit
3. Hopewell’s Davset Bonne De Fleur
4. Farndell’s Cordarragh Lady in Red

Results kindly supplied by Linzie Richardson


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