Critique - Judges  - Julie Greenan (Juleset)

Irish Setters

Junior – 2

1. Need's – Thendara Joe Le Taxi For Stourford

In profile this dogs looks mature for his early years but he still needs to body up which I am sure will come with time.  Pleasing head and expression, clean neck into good shoulder placement, strong over the loin, nice depth to chest, good bend to stifle, in good coat and condition, moved well once he had settled. RBOB

2. Dingle's – Shenanagin Storyteller

Graduate – 6 (0a)

1. Needs's – Thendara Joe Le Taxi For Stourford

2. Peter's – Polmennor Fun Time

3. Robert's – Polmennor For Fun

Limit – 3 (0a)

1. Robert's – Polmennor Willow Pattern

It was lovely to see who this was when I checked my catalogue.  I gave this young lady best puppy the last time I judged her and she is coming on lovely. Exquisite head and expression, good neck into a good layback of shoulder, good rib and depth to the chest, strong over the loin, good rear angulation, short rear pasterns which she used to advantage.  Held her topline on the move. BOB & Group 2 – well done

2. Cooper's – Karidell Captivation for Hugared

3. Woodham's – Tykkidyw Sundance

Open Dog – 1

1. Cooper's – Corranroo Magic Trick with Hugared

Pleasing expression but would prefer a better finish to foreface, good length to neck, adequate angulations fore and aft, good depth to chest, well muscled, moved ok.

Open Bitch – 1

1. Woodhams's – Tykkidyw Sunrise

Pretty head on this bitch, good length to neck and good sternum, nice sloping topline, would prefer more angulation in the upper arm, good stifle and croup, moved ok.

Julie Greenan


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