Critique - Judge: Mr. B. Crocker (Riverbrue)

English Setters:

Junior: 1

1st Mottishaw's - Upperwood Hooray Henry: BP

10mth blue puppy that was full of himself! Masculine head, strong bone, decent neck and shoulders, level back and generally well built throughout. For me, I would like his eyes a little tighter, but I'm sure that will sort its self out as he matures. Moved as to be expected for a playful puppy! BP

Graduate: 3 (1 ab)

1st Stirk & Littlechild's - Ravensett Royal Diamond for Grakar:

2 yr old blue Bitch, pretty headed girl with a nice outline, Ok in front but would prefer a little more length of upper arm, deep chest, long ribbed and short loin, Well turned and muscled hindquarters. Moved ok, but tended to crab.

2nd: Momer's – Harvancourt Florentine:

Open: 2

1st Watkins' – Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth: BOB

Lots to like about this masculine b, b & t who is just coming into his prime. Really well made throughout, lovely head, dark eye and well set ears. Good neck and shoulders, plenty of forechest, good bone, ribs and depth of chest. Looked a picture stacked and nothing to fault on the move which was effortless, with good reach and driving from strong hindquaters. Beautifully presented and handled. Easy BOB.

Gordon Setters:

Junior: 1

1st Roberts' – Graylacier Royal Sovereign of Cairacailie BP

Very raw 11 months dog who was determined to do what he wanted! Nice make and shape, pleasing head and expression, ok fore and aft, good outline, correct tailset and flat croup. Moved well enough when he wanted to! BP

Graduate: 2

1st Pearman's – Hernwood Roses Little Flirt

Well-conditioned 3 yr old Bitch. Pretty head, decent neck and shoulders, good bladed bone and neat feet, nice topline, short back, but a little too steep in croup. Well turned stifles which she used well on the move. Well handled.

2nd Collingborn's – Melkinmere Easedale

Open: 3 (2ab)

1st Roberts' – Cairacailie The Fusilier JW

Well balanced dog of lovely type, handsome head with rich tan markings, strong neck, well laid shoulders, strong topline with excellent croup and tailset. Short backed dog with strong loin and well bent stifles. Moved well in profile and behind, but came towards a little wide in front. In lovely coat and feather. BOB

Irish Red & White Setters:

Graduate: 3

1st Humphries' – Spyefire May Spring Flora

Really lovely girl here, 17mths and maturing beautifully, feminine head, good neck, shoulders and forechest, firm topline, good depth all through with nice bone and feet. Very sound on the move, really straight coming and going. Marked and presented to advantage. Will follow with interest. RBOB

2nd Faulconbridge's – Spyfire May Springs Skies

3rd Chapman's – Ballakinnish Moulin Rouge BP

Open: 5 (3ab)

1st Lipscombe's – Sh Ch Kellizlot River Legend

Masculine, athletic dog that excelled on the move, strong head but not coarse, clean throat, muscular neck and well constructed front assembly. Wide, well turned hindquarters with excellent muscletone. Solid body with deep and well sprung ribs. Marked ok, but would've preferred clearer patches. Took BOB here over the bitch on his movement, being that little bit more open going around. BOB

2nd Faulconbridge's – Spyfire May Springs Skies

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas:

Graduate: 2

1st May's – Amiryk Vega

Cracking young dog here, 17mths with everything going for him. Super type, well furnished head of lovely proportions with a kind eye, strong neck, enough lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, good depth of chest, well ribbed and good length to loin with no sign of tuck up. Lovely outline finished off with a correct croup and harsh crisp jacket. Looked good on the move but a little proud of his tail. Once he bodies up will trouble the best. Really nice dog.

2nd Revell's – Falcongreen Guba

Open 3:

Three lovely girls in this class, thank you for bringing them.

1st Richardson's – Tragus Zuri

Really pleased to see how this lovely girl has fined down from the chunky puppy she was! Really pleasing in all departments now, her outline is stunning and really complimented by both her front and rear angulations and her beautifully presented, harsh, correctly coloured coat. Showed herself off well on the move which she does very soundly both up and down and around. Lovely girl. BOB

2nd Lewin's – Cwsscwn Chozen for Vynesbrook

A favourite of mine that on the day had to give way to the younger, more enthusiastic winner. Her temperament is exemplary, she wagged her tail the entire time she was being gone over. Scores heavily for type and her stunning head. Picture to see her move in profile. RBOB

3rd May's – Amiryk Chara

Irish Setters:

Puppy: 3 (1ab)

1st Lippits' – Neathamill Isabella

Beautiful 6mth old puppy at her first show. Very pretty girl with lovely eye and low set ears, so easy to go over with every part fitting smoothly in to the next. Terrific depth all through for her age, with very well developed hindquarters already. On the move she was coordinated and true, especially nice in profile. Once her handle gets to grips with standing her, I'm sure they have a very bright future together. Well done and good luck with her. I think she's lovely! BP and PG4

2nd Rorkes' – Zakhan My Lady Zanna

Junior 5 (1ab)

1st Needs' – Thendara Joe Le Taxi for Stourford

17mths male with a striking outline. Head not quite for me, but has a good eye colour and low set ears. Standing he is very balanced, his neck flows very nicely into well laid shoulders, a most pleasing topline and decent croup. His quarters are well bent with sufficient muscle for age. On the move he was sound enough, but full of himself and slightly throwing his front. Sure this will sort with age. However, was still an easy winner of this class. Presented and handled to advantage. Pleased to hear the Graduate class gave him his JW. Congratulations.

2nd Torpy's – Follidown Meadow Pipit

3rd Rorke's – Zakhan My Lady Zanna

Graduate: 4 (1ab)

1st Needs' – Thendara Joe Le Taxi for Stourford

2nd Torpy's – Follidown Meadow Pipit

3rd Prangle & Bennett's – Heathclare A Kind Of Magic

Open Dog: 1

1st Rorke's – Cataluna Pole Position

Handsome headed 3yr old male that excels in depth, hindquarters and muscletone. He has ample bone, neat feet, plenty of forechest and is well ribbed. Felt that on the day he lacked coat condition and came at me a too wide in front. Nice rear action though and looked good in profile.

Open Bitch: 4 (ab)

1st Halls' – Shenanagin Stardrift at Glennara JW

Well bodied girl that is just reaching maturity. Looked very eye-catching on the stack. Well proportioned head with kind eye and correct finish to muzzle, clean throat, strong neck and decent lay of shoulder. She has lovely bone, good depth, sloping topline, and a well finished croup. Put down in hard condition and was beautifully presented and handled. Looked good on the move with a lovely head carriage. A well deserved BOB.

2nd Partridge's – Kerrydown Layla ShCm

Lovely girl, just lost out to winner on femininity and shoulder placement. RBOB


Judge: Blake Crocker



Breed - Mrs. Claire Sharp (Hapsburg/Afterglow) Group Judge
B.O.B Hall's Shenanagin Stardrift at Glennara JW
R.B.O.B and Best Gundog Veteran was Partridge's Kerrydown Layla SH.CM
B.P.I.B and Puppy Group 4 was Lippett's Neathamill Isabella
Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge


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