Critique - Judge - Mr David Hopewell (Davsett)

I would like to thank the committee for giving me this wonderful judging appointment and for their help and hospitality.
Also thank you to all who entered.


Minor Puppy Dog 4 (1 Abs)

1) Mazan – Trawrick Klever Kid with Haremach
6 months lovely constructed, good head and eye, clean neck, shoulder, front and topline. Moved steady - BPD

2) Bridgewater  – Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella
Lovely dog, clean all over, dark eye and good feet, just needs time. Lost to 1 on movement

3) Williamson – Kirwilldale Have a Butchers

Puppy Dog 3

1) Wheeldon – Glenlaine Bugatti into colemist
Dark eye , low ear set, long lean neck, gently sloping top line, good sternum, moved well

2) Gardner – Garden Stars Irish Unicm at Danwish (imp)
Preferred this dog in head to one, more my type of dog, lovely head and eye, low set ears well spring of rib and bend of stifle.  Lost it on the move

3) Collins – Aoibheanne’s Quite in Demand

Veteran Dog 3

1) Rowan – Lochfrae Archimedes
Good solid dog 9 years old, lovely head and eyes, low set ears, strong neck and shoulder, good topline

2) Davie – Lochfrae Ralph Lauren JW
 Same as one in good coat, preferred head on 1

3) Mazan – Haremach Gilpatrick

Junior Dog 0

Yearling  3 (1 Abs)

1) Pollard & Cook-  Grayrigge Benedict JW
Dark eye, well skulled head, low ear set, good front and shoulder, tight feet moved well have seen him look better

2)  Pallister – Penwyn red Admiral
Lovely dark coat, racy looking all round in good condition

Maiden  1

1) Wheeldon – Glenlaine Bugatti into colemist

Novice  2

1) Wheeldon – Glenlaine Bugatti into colemist

2)  Pallister – Penwyn Red Admiral

Undergraduate Dog 2 (1 Abs)

1)  Pallister – Penwyn Red Admiral

Graduate Dog 4 (1Abs)

1) Bott – Bardonhill tom Foolery Best Dog and Res. Best in Show
Best dog of the day – Dark eye, low ear set, clean neck and shoulder. Deep chest, well spring of rib, topline held on the move, good tail set, well boned – out moved all the dogs.

2) Williamson – Kirwilldale Chaska
 Well skulled head, dark eye, well boned. Neat feet – one better in front.

3) Pallister – Penwyn American Boy

Post Graduate 2 (1 Abs)

1) Pallister – Penwyn American Boy

Limit 5(1Abs)

1) Davie- Lochfrae Aviator
 Another nice dog. Dark eye low set ears, good topline, shoulders and bend of stifle

2) Riddel  –  Cataluna Doc Holiday Via Trunorth
A different type , good head and eye, well made dog, good bend of stifle. Moved ok

3) Rowan -  Lotushill Masterclass

Open 2

1) Gardner – Riqitta Authentic
Clean Head and eye, low set ears, good top line, well angulated, dark rich coat in good condition.  Res. Best Dog.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 (2Abs)

1) Williamson – Kirkwilladale Tit for Tat
Only 6 months her first show. Very pretty, good angulations front and rear, dark eye good topline.

Puppy Bitch 5 (2 Abs)

1) Sturrock – Forfarian Coz she’s worth it
Apt name for this young lady.  Lovely dark eye, well set ear, clean neck , shoulder, front  and rear excelled  on the move. Dark coat, tight feet – Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in show

2) Bott – Glenlaine Pink Cadillac at Bardonhill
More substance to this little bitch, same as one but just preferred the head on 1

3) Hunter – Cataluna Cinnamon Spice

Veteran Bitch 5 (3 Abs)

1) Pollard - Grayrigge Maeve
Nice to see her back to her old self. Exquisite head, eye, neck and shoulder, top line level on the move won this class with ease.

2) Beaton – Kettlehills Love me Tender
Bigger bitch than one, nice head, a little square in top, good feet

Junior Bitch 3 (1Abs)

1) Sturrock – Forfarian Coz she’s worth it

2) Hunter – Cataluna Cinnamon Spice

Yearling Bitch 5

1) Pollard - grayrigge Beatrice JW
 Dark eye, pretty head, good top line and front, moved well in good condition

2) Gardner - Thendara Lenamore
Good bitch, good front.  Lost this class on her top line as being a bit over weight, well angulated front and rear

3) Mazan – applegrove Nameless But Spic to Haremach

Maiden Bitch 4 (2 Abs)

1) Pallister – Penwyn Painted Lady
 Love this little lady, just lacked confidence. Dark eye, rich coat, once settled moved well

2) Sloane – Kirkavagh – Habena at Feraheen

Novice Bitch  5 (2 Abs)

1) Sturrock – Forfarian Coz she’s worth it

2) Pallister – Penwyn Painted Lady

3) Slaone – Fernstart Love in a mist at Ferasheen

Undergraduate Bitch  5 (2 Abs)

1) Wheeldon – Bardonhill KA ching over Colemist
Little  bitch full of quality, naughty gave her handler a hard time.  Very cute

2) Sloane - Fernstart Love in a mist at Ferasheen
3rd in novice but moved better in this class

3) Pallister – Penwyn Painted Lady

Graduate Bitch 5 (3 Abs)

1) Pollard – Grayrigge Rosalind JW
Another quality bitch from this kennel, very , dark eye, low set ear, well spring of rib, topline held on the move, dark coat in good condition.

2) Wilson – Kerryfair Give her a Whirl
Larger framed bitch than one. Moved okay

Post Graduate Bitch 6 (2 Abs)

1) Sturrock – Forfarian caught you Looking (JW)
Another bitch full of quality,  dark eye, well chiselled head, low ear, strong neck, shoulder and topline, good front,dark rich coat, well muscled.  Love this bitch, bright future ahead.

2) Hinslea - Glenavana Sittin Pretty at Northamber
All the same as one, more my type of bitch but met her match today.  Both quality bitches.

3) Beaton – Kettlehills Star Performer

Limit Bitch 5 (2 As)

1) Hunter & Brown – Braidmount Midnight Lady
Fell in love with this little lady from the first time I saw her and when I had the chance for hands on she did not disappoint. Feminine head, dark eye, strong neck and shoulders, plenty of heart room, well ribbed, good tail set, dark coat. Neat feet, in good condition. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go over this beautiful lady.
Best Bitch and Best in Show

2) Davie – Lochfrae Affinity
 Good head, Shoulder and top line.  Moved well

3) McBeth – rohanmor diamond in the dark At MacLauren

Open Bitch  4

1) Hogflesh – Lyngor Living water JW
Gentle eye and gentle expression, clean neck and shoulders.
Good front, well spring of rib, tight feet. Moved well Res. Best Bitch

2) Hinslea – Sh Ch Northamber Causin a Riot JW
Good quality bitch, head and eye, Low set ears, clean shoulders, good top line.
Lost this class on movement to one.  Love this bitch too

3) Borthwick – Lotushill Manhattan


Judge - Mr David Hopewell (Davsett)


North East of England Irish Setter Club
Open Show  7 April 2012

Judge - Mr David Hopewell (Davsett)


Best Bitch & Best in Show was awarded to Mona Hunter & Will Brown's
Braidmount Midnight Lady JW (Right)
Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show was awarded to Marita Bott's
Bardonhill Tom Foolery (Left)
with Judge: David Hopewell

Best Veteran_Puppy

Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show was awarded to Anne Cook and Phyllis Pollards
Grayrigge Maeve JW (Left)
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was awarded to
Forfarian Coz She's Worth it (Right) owned by Sandra Sturrock


Reserve Best Bitch: Carolyn Hogsflesh Lyngor Living Water JW
Reserve Best Dog: Tania Gardner  Riqitta Authentic
Best Puppy Dog:  Maggie Mazan Trawricka Klever Kid with Haremach
Best Veteran Dog: Mr J H Rowan Lochfrae Archimedes

Photos: Diane Bridgwater



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