Critique - Judge: Anne Douthwaite


English Setters:


1  Parker’s Upperwood Boycie at Parkholme, attractive sixteen month old well made dog, Lovely head with deep muzzle and kind eye, good layback to shoulder, moved well, in lovely coat and condition, happy disposition;  2  Osman’s Bournehouse Royal Design BP;  3  Lenzi’s Pilsdown Flash Harry.


1  Homer’s Harvancourt Florentine, nicely balanced two year old bitch, very feminine with good bone, well proportioned head, well angled both front and rear.  In good coat, moved well. RBOB;  2  Uren’s Hollygrove Tumble at Bensophie.


1  Stirk’s Ravensett Diamond Romance With Grakar, took my eye as soon as she came into the ring.  Beautifully balanced feminine bitch, very elegant, nearly four years old, with good bone. Lovely head, long muscular neck flowing into correct shoulder placement.  Strong quarters, good second thigh, good tailset.  Moved with drive, covering the ground well.  In lovely coat and condition. BOB.  Delighted to see her go on to win RBIS:  2  Lenzi’s Pilsdon Jack Adandy;  3  Wyatt’s Twyline Tainted Love.

Gordon Setters:


1  Robert’s Graylacier Royal Sovereign of Cairacailie, big strong young boy with tremendous amount of bone showing no sign of coarseness.  Good masculine head with soft expression.  Deep through chest, strong hocks, good feet.  Has all the makings of growing on into a super dog.  Covered the ground well on the move. RBOB;  2  White’s Graylacier Royal Elegance BP


1  Pearman’s Hernwood Roses Little Flirt, lovely feminine bitch with good substance, super head, low earset.  Lovely layback to shoulder with good angles both front and rear, strong quarters, good second thigh. Good feet, moved with drive. BOB;  2  Lines’ Flaxheath By Chance JW.

Irish Red & White Setters:


1  Blackmore’s Courtdown Beautiful Dancer, lovely feminine bitch with good head and ear placement.  Good forechest and depth to chest.  Well angled fore and aft, strong hocks, strong second thigh.  In super coat and condition. Moved with drive BOB

Irish Setters:


1  Pike’s Redclyst Creena, a real baby doing her best to cope with the slippery floor! Lovely long lean head and nice eye, good earset.  Good length to neck, good shoulder placement.  Straight forelegs, very elegant in profile. Good from hock to heel. BP;  2  MacDonald’s Redclyst Kearney.


1  Lippett’s Neathamill Isabella At Clonageera, stylish bitch in lovely coat and condition.  Good topline and tailset.  Well angulated front and rear, strong quarters, good bone. Good second thigh, good feet.  Carrying just the right amount of weight.  Moved well;  2  Fenton’s Strathmead Whistle Blower;  3  Robinson’s McConkeys What Katy Did.


1  Dingle’s Shenanagin Storyteller, attractive young dog in super coat, lovely balanced head, kind eye.  Good layback to shoulder, good topline, deep chest.  Moved well;  2  Partridge’s Brabrook Starstruck Of Kerrydown;  3  Brend’s Thendara Dutchess At Devacott


1  Fenton’s Strathmead Whistle Blower, attractive young dog enjoying his day.  Balanced head, good neck flowing into well angled shoulders.  Good forechest, deep through chest.  Good topline, moved well.  Growing on nicely into a very attractive dog;  2    Robinson’s McConkeys What Katy Did.


1  Roberts’ Polmennor For Fun, beautiful bitch in lovely profile when standing.  Very feminine and balanced throughout.  Lovely head, low set ear, strong topline, good tailset.  Moved out well from strong quarters.  Good second thigh. RBOB;  2  Full’s Blaysdell Killarney At Teignestuary;  3  Partridge’s Tsitsikama Glen Acacia At Kerrydown.


1  Hadfield’s Marzanne’s Over The Moon, sound, honest type of bitch, not overdone in any way.  Nice dark coat, balanced picture when standing.  Deep through her body, moved well.


1  Mitchell’s Polmennor Bonfire, lovely dark coated dog.  Notice that he is just 7 yrs. old.  Looks too young to be a veteran! Good head, masculine with quality, kind eye.  Good shoulder placement and topline.  In lovely condition.  Moved out really well from his strong quarters.


1  Rutherford’s Am Ch Witchbrooke Clonageera Corot, lovely bitch who never put a foot wrong and looked a picture both moving and standing.  Nice head with good ear placement.  So well made and balanced throughout.  Good layback to shoulder, good topline and tailset.  Ribs well sprung.  Well angled both fore and aft.  Moved with drive using her strong quarters to advantage.  Strong second thigh, good bone, good feet.BOB;  2  Roberts’ Polmennor For Pleasure;  3  Roberts’ Lynwood Theme Song For Polmennor

Anne Douthwaite

Puppy 1st: Pike's Redclyst Creena
Junior 1st  Lippett's Neathamill Isabella
Yearling 1st & BOS Dingles Shenanagin Storyteller
Novice 1st Fenton's Strathmead Whistle Blower
Graduate 1st & Res.BOB Roberts Polmennor For Fun
Limit 1st Hadfield Marzanne's Over the Moon
Open Dog Mitchell Polmennor Bonfire
Open Bitch and BOB Rutherford's Am.Ch. Witchbrooke Clonageera Corot
Also:Roberts Polmennor Funtime winner of Open Stakes
Kerrydown Layla winner of veteran 7-9 Bitch


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