Critique - Judge - Diane Bridgwater


Special Yearling 6, 4

1.Collins’ Aoibheanne’s Quite In Demand

Very promising young dog, really liked his head which had a lot of work in it, beautiful soft dark eye, body properties were good with correct angulation, just needs to put on a bit more weight to fill out his frame. Once he and his handler gain more confidence in the ring I am sure they will have a bright future.

2. Sunters’s Cataluna Cinammon Spice

3. Gaffney’s Big Red’s Hey It wasn’t Me

Post Graduate 9, 8

1.Wheeldon’s Glenlaine Bugatti Into Colemist Still a young boy and has not yet reached full maturity but all the essentials are there and he was put down in beautiful condition, lovely coat pigment & gleaming, he was not 100% happy in the ring but was handled calmly and sympathetically. RBOB & BOS

2. Glasper’s Catalune Till There Was You AT Denetop

3. McAvoy’s Cymbeline Tara Brook

Open 6, 4

1. McBeth’s Rohanmor Could It Be Magic At Maclaurien

On first glance this bitch doesn’t catch the eye as there is nothing overstated or flashy about her, but as you go over her all her qualities become apparent, she is made well all through from her typical head, good angulation front & rear, great topline and tailset but it is on the move that she really comes into her own, she simply flows round the ring with great extension, best mover here today by quite some way. BOB.

2. McAvoy’s Stobhouse Franscesca

3. Sloane’s Fernstart Love In A Mist At Ferasheen


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