Judge: Linzie Richardson (Montgreenan)

My thanks to the committee for organising a lovely show with a good atmosphere, although it was cold and windy the rain held off and it was good to see the dogs moving outside on the grass.

Irish Setter Thank you to the exhibitors for their super entry.

P (5;1)

1 Rose-Hay’s Carrue Shower of Rain at Cataluna, Very well balanced girl for just 6 months, feminine bitch free from exaggeration, pretty head and expression with kind eye and good earset. Good topline and shoulder placement. Lovely dark Coat. Lovely length of neck into good shoulders, slightly sloping topline. Good front and rear and moved very well. BPIB.

2 Dale & Wyer Aubanjon Royal Symphony.
3 Trevor & Fountain’s Cataluna Me and My Girl.


A lovely classwhich was headed by two beautiful bitches who immediately caught my eye for their balanced outlines and lovely dark coats.

1 Swainston’s Glenvarna Dora the Explorer, well balanced, feminine bitch who really caught my eye. Lovely shape in good condition. Pretty head with kind expression, good length to neck and shoulder placement. Good topline, Good bend of stifle.

2 Muir’s Romarne One Night Only.
3 Hopewell’s Anlory Keltic Spirit over Davset.

PG (10;3)

1. Swainston’s Togipoto Ice God at Glenvarna, Masculine head and expression, well made dog in super coat and condition. Strong neck with good layback of shoulder, Good front and rear. Plenty depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved well.

2 Rose-Hay & Broadgate Riverman Beat the Boys.
3 Harrison Lochlorien New Tricks.

O (7;2)

1. Rose-Hay Cataluna Wayward Wind,Presented a very nice picture when standing showing off his balance and gleaming coat.  Good head with kind expression, good Depth to chest and spring of rib. Good length of neck and layback of shoulders. Moved well, driving round the ring using his tail well. BOB.

2 Corless Bardonhill Swift Eagle.
3 Hopewell’s Davset It’s Now or Never.

Junior Handling

Some very nice handlers who all showed wonderful rapports with their dogs, just remember to make sure that patterns are started in front of the judge and not to the side.

6-11 yrs (4;1)

1 Katy Morris (CKCS) a very natural handler, who moved her dog very well with a nice sized triangle just watch that you start pattern work in correct position. Stood her dog well on the table and in the line-up and moved around her dog to allow a clear view at all times. Just remember to double check dog’s feet when free standing.

2 James Duffield (Pomeranian).
3 Charlotte Whittingham (Golden Retriever).

12-16 yrs (2;1)  

1 Isaak Harrison (Irish Setter) A promising handler who had a good rapport with his dog, although she was being uncooperative when standing, I liked that he kept calm and kept working with her till she was standing well.  Moved around the dog giving a clear view at all times. Moved dog well with smooth hand changes just make sure that you start patterns in correct position.

Linzie Richardson



BOB: Rose-Hay: Cataluna Wayward Wind
Best Puppy: Rose-Hay: Carrue Shower Of Rain At Cataluna

Puppy (5) Abs (1)

1st: Rose-Hay: Carrue Shower Of Rain At Cataluña
2nd: Dale and Wyer: Aubanjon Royal Symphony
3rd: Trevor and Fountain: Cataluna Me And My Girl
Res: Harrison: Astleyview Pepper Pot

Junior (8) Abs (1)

1st: Swainston: Glenvarna Dora The Explorer
2nd: Muir: Romarne One Night Only
3rd: Hopewell: Anlory Keltic Spirit Over Davset
Res: Dale: Aubanjon Royal Engineer

Post Graduate (10) Abs (3)

1st: Swainston: Togipoto Ice God At Glenvarna
2nd: Rose-Hay And Broadgate: Riverman Beat The Boys
3rd: Harrison: Lochlorien New Tricks
Res: Corless: Lynwood Just For Larks

Open (7) Abs (3)

1st: Rose-Hay: Cataluna Wayward Wind
2nd: Corless: Bardonhill Swift Eagle
3rd: Hopewell: Davset It's Now Or Never
Res: Harrison: Lochlorien New Tricks

Results kindly supplied by Sandra Corless


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Copyright Bardonhill

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