Judge Mrs Pat Luto (Rappatty)

Puppy dog
1st Dickson's Gwendariff war hero
2nd Hill's Romarne cary grant at ronjunes

Junior dog
1st Gracie Summergate rumour has it
2nd Hill's Romarne cary grant at ronjunes

Graduate dog
1st Mcintyre's Staratlanta Huggie bear also best dog & BOB
2nd Tupper & Rosie Staratlanta Elliott
3rd Vallance Lynwood his grace of concencone
Res Campbell Kettlehills forget me not

Limit dog
1st Sturrock Forfarian i'm sexy an i know it JW

Open dog
1st Laidlaw & Green Glencarron olympic gold SH CM

Puppy bitch
1st Wallace Gwendariff on a chatline & Best puppy

Junior bitch
1st Gracie Clonageera walk with me to summergate JW
2nd Davie Jonola secret love @ Lochfrae

Graduate bitch
1st Anthony & Stuart's Staratlanta's Fire Queen JW & Best bitch
2nd Wallace Gwendariffputting on a show
3rd Borthwick Northamber runs riot at lotushill
Res Cameron Balnagown lucrezia

Limit bitch
1st Forfarian hey sexy lady JW
2nd Laidlaw & Green Glencarron summer lovin JW

Open bitch
1st Stephenson Drumwhaur summer song
2nd Cameron Balnagown ruby tuesday

Results kindly supplied by Maddy Anthony


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