Critique - Judge - Julie Greenan

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge at this lovely Agricultural show. Also, my thanks go to the exhibitors for entering under me, luckily the weather held and I was able to judge outside which is always a bonus when judging our lovely breed.

Irish Setters

Puppy – 2 (1a)

1. Lewis’s – Scoteslaw Chicargo Fire

10 month old male, very mature for his age, good head with correct eye, good neck leading into adequate front assembly but would prefer more angulation in the upper arm. Good depth and spring of rib, strong over the loin but would prefer for him to have a better croup, moved steady. I hope he does not grow on too much in the near future, BPIB

Graduate – 10 (1a)

1. Child’s – Tredura Val Verdi

19 month male of the highest quality, everything in the right place, great angulation both front and rear which enabled him to reach out and cover the ground and he powered off a strong back end, what drive. Great bone and substance, lovely melting expression, not over done in any way, presented in great coat and muscle tone, just loved him BOB and a very well deserved G1, well done.

2. Mugford’s – Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood JW

Beautiful headpiece on this bitch so pretty, again, like my winner, great angulation throughout and well balanced, great rib and strong over the loin, however she was not happy on the move today which cost her the class.

3. Fleetwood’s – Redeshka Miss Chevious

Limit – 6 (2 a)

1. Taylor’s’ – Danaway Goody Two Shoes

Two lovely bitches headed up this class with similar attributes but I just felt that my winner today had more for me in the terms of front upper arm angulation. Both built on lovely lines, good topline and good spring of rib, strong over the loin, good stifle and both moved steady and true.

2. Mann & Condron’s – Covarney Annabelle With Hopstone
3. Webb’s – Alolfran Moment In Time

Open Dog – 3 (2a)

1. Child’s – Tredura Clandestine Affair

Substantial masculine dog built on good lines, lovely head and expression, strong neck leading into clean, well layed back shoulders, great rib, strong over the loin, moved steady and true.

Open Bitch – 6 (4 a)

1. Jones’s – Gwendariff Nutmeg

Lovely girl, loved her head and expression, she flows well and built on lovely lines, straight front, good angulation fore and aft, ribs well back and sprung, strong over the loin, good muscle tone, moved steady and true with drive and presented in excellent condition.

2. Taylor’s – Wynjill Well Done

A bitch that was a lot finer than my winner and had not got the substance she had, however, she possessed a nice head, long neck leading into adequate front angulation, would have preferred more rib, good stifle, excellent muscle tone, moved steady.

Julie Greenan


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