Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland 29th May 2016
Judge - Jo-Anne Parsons (Bransett)
Irish Setters
Junior Dog (2,1a)
1st - Green - Braidmount Lord Darnley – Promising young boy, wonderfully masculine without being 'over-done' in anyway. Regal, handsome head with low set ears and strong, muscular neck. Well angulated fore quarters, correct length of loin and gently sloping topline. Great width to upper thigh and strong in hind quarters. Moved very happily with a charming character.
Graduate Dog (3, 2a)
1st - Dickson - Gwendariff War Hero - A new dog to me and the younger of the two in this class. Excels in head and expression, expressive raised brows, his head is balanced and refined, just as an Irish should be. He has strong bone, great depth to his chest, and well laid back shoulders. He moved out well in the small ring with a wagging tail. I thought he showed such promise and I will watch out for him as he matures.
2nd - Campbell - Kettlehills Forget Me Not
Limit Dog (1)
1st - Vallance - Lynwood His Grace of Concencone Upstanding 3 year old dog, he is as 'sound as a pound' and looks to be really coming into his own. He has an arched, muscular neck, deep, sloping fore quarters, strong in loin and powerful hind quarters which he used so well on the move showing drive and enthusiasm. He was shown extremely well by his owner and presented in top condition. He pushed hard in the challenge for Best Dog, but I just preferred the refinement of the Open winners head.
Open Dog (3, 2a)
1st and Best Dog - Sturrocks - Forfarian I'm Sexy and I Know It JW - What a fabulous dog, he is so refined, racy and totally proportionate throughout. He has a glorious head and expression, such kind, dark eyes and so full of breed type, he just looked at me with those eyes and I wanted to give him a big hug! Strong in bone and has great substance but is not heavy or overdone in any way. Well sprung ribs, gently sloping top line and strong quarters. Wonderful neat, tight feet.  Shown in excellent condition. Loved him – he gave his sister a run for her money in the challenge for BOB.Puppy Bitch (3)
1st - Watts - Shenanagin Sweet Sixteen - what a lovely class, three 7 month old litter sisters who all showed real promise. My winner put in such a polished performance for one so young. She has an exquisite head and dearest of expressions, she is so elegant in profile and has such poise and elegance. She showed balance and carried her superb topline so well on the move, with her head held high and wagging tail - a real show girl. I was very pleased to see her win Puppy Group 4 in a strong group and against much older competition.
2nd - Dow - Shenanagin Stolen Kiss - I have to give this young lady a mention as I thought she was so beautiful, once her novice owner gains confidence with her she will start to excel.
3rd - Logie - Shenanagin Snowflake
Junior Bitch (2)
1st - Hunter & Browns - Braidmount Lady in Waiting - dark coated, mature Junior who has a very pretty, but mischievous expression, she gave me that 'look' that is so typical of our breed. She has a great depth and quality about her.  She is strong in bone, is elegant throughout, has well angulated quarters, strong, wide hide quarters with good width to her upper thigh. She was a little minx the ring, but moved with drive and enthusiasm.
2nd - Stephenson - Drumwhaur Cherokee Rose
Graduate Bitch (5, 2a)
1st – Stephenson Drumwhaur Sunshine Girl – Very elegant, racy bitch show in full bloom with a dark, deep shine to her rich chestnut coat.  Extremely pretty, lean head with expressive brows and dark eye.  Tight front, deep chest with rounded spring of rib.  Well bent stifles and short hocks.  She moved with animation and was full of Irish character.  
2nd – Wallace – Gwendariff On a Chatline
3rd – Logie – Corranroo Rainbow Climber
Limit Bitch (4)
1st – Borthwick – Northamber Runs Riot at Lotushill – this impressive bitch won a very good class.  She immediately caught my eye at the first look around the class, she is very feminine and was shown in excellent body and condition.  She is so sound throughout, straight front, good lay back of shoulder and flowing topline.  Powerful hind quarters and strong short hocks.  She stands on neat feet, is well muscled and has a dark chestnut, straight coat.  I seriously considered her for top honours today.  2nd – Watt – Shenanagin Softly Softly JW3rd – Wallace – Gwendariff Putting on a Show
Open Bitch (2)
1st – Sturrocks – Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW – An absolutely cracking bitch, just what I was looking for today.  She is a great example of substance, balance and elegance which she maintains at all times.  She flows from her beautiful head to the tip of her tail.  She excels in forechest and hind angulation.  Her head and expression just melts your heart.  She was my Best Bitch and beat her lovely brother for Best of Breed on her more positive movement.  (What lucky breeder/owners to own two such fabulous dogs!)  I was pleased to see her go onto win Group for in a huge, quality Best in Show up. 2nd – Stephenson – Drumwhaur Summer Song

Irish red and White Setters
Two top quality, very impressive exhibits who were brother and sister.
 Post Graduate
1st – Pilmer - Anisbrig Kilkerran – A very attractive bitch, who showed great balance and substance.  Extremely pretty, feminine head with kind expression.  She has a flowing topline and great fore and hind angulation with strong, straight hocks.  Very well muscled, and shown in good body.  She was a really eyecatching picture when stacked.  She just lacked the coat condition of her brother today.  
1st – Pilmer – Anisbrig Tobermory – Athletic male who was shown in wonderful coat and condition, I thought he was very smart, totally balanced with flowing lines.  Handsome head, muscular neck, great layback of shoulders and strong topline.  He moved very well driving from his well muscled hind quarters.  He was shown in tiptop condition, his coat gleamed.  A credit to his owner/breeder.  Very pleased to award him Best of breed.


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