Amanda Kirkman (Tsarmont) Group judge. Laurie Hunt

1.PURVES. Astleyview Elegant I am. BP.

1.Rorkes Cataluna May Queen.
2nd Astleyview Elegant I am

1.Rorkes Zakjan'sLeading Man.
2. Sandstream just a Breeze.
3. .Siochanna Celtic Lord of Konakakela.
4. An radium Farou

Open dog .
1.Sandstream just a breeze.
2.Zakhan on the Grid.

Open Bitch.
1. Macarica Street Dancer
2. Zakhan my Lady Zanna.BEST OF BREED AND GUNDOG GROUP 2 Zakhan's leading man

Results kindly supplied by Jacquie Rorke


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