Critique - Judge – Jo-Anne Parsons (Bransett)

I had such a wonderful time judging at this well run show. Thank you so much to everyone who entered, the depth of quality throughout all of the classes was simply stunning. Thank you also to the hard working committee, especially for my lovely bag of Cornish produce, it was delicious!

English Setters

Graduate (3, 1a)

1st Woodham – Culverwell Charis at Tykkidyw – Elegant orange bitch who possesses a very clean outline. I really liked her lean head with square muzzle, soft expression and well defined stop. She had a deep brisket, well rounded ribs, long reach of neck and well set tail. She moved with drive and purpose.

2nd Butler – Mariglen Flash Gordon

Open (4, 1a)

1st Woodham – Culverwell Miss Moonlight at Tykkidyw – Blue bitch who, while not in the best of coats, really appealed to me. She was perfectly balanced with flowing lines, very feminine but also fit and athletic. She had well laid back shoulders, a good spring of well rounded ribs and a strong, short back. She excelled in her hind quarters with a well bent stifle and perfectly straight hocks which she used on the move to create a very true, driving action. BOB and also shortlisted in the large BIS group.

2nd Osman – Bournehouse Star Gazer at Marissolo RBOB

3rd U’Ren – Bensohpie Dark Crystal

Gordon Setters

A difficult class to judge as it contained a wide age range of dogs

Open (6, 1a)

1st White – Graylacier Salvatore – Once this dog decided to concentrate he presented a lovely, strong, clean outline. He is rangy and possess’ a good depth to his bone without being over heavy. Long, lean arched neck, wonderful straight front and well padded, tight, oval feet.   He excelled in hind angulation with broad muscular hind limbs, strong stifles and short hocks which he used to power around the ring with a lashing tail and it was his positive movement that won him the class.

2nd Passmore - Gladysrose Candy Crush – Very pretty bitch who I thought showed the desired ‘Intelligent, able and dignified’ characteristics required by the standard. She was so sound and balanced with such a gentle expression. She also showed strong, powerful movement but was just giving away a little bit of condition to my winner.

3rd MacDonald – Graylacier Grand Illusion

Irish Setters

Minor Puppy (4)

This class consisted of four 8 month old litter siblings:

1st Roberts – Polmennor Spinning Moons - My notes say 'what a little cracker'! Elegant, dark coated young lady who is a real little show off. She is so balanced for such a youngster with wonderful self carriage, she already has a great ring presence. Lean, expressive head that is very feminine, superb length of neck and well laid shoulders. She is strong in top line with lovely balance throughout which showed when she moved around the ring with her head held high, maintaining her shape at all times. Delighted to award her BP and then it was a thrill to see her win BPIS against tough competition.

2nd Watts – Polmennor Tom Bawcock - I thought this young man was a really quality puppy, it was such a shame he just lost his confidence due to all of the noise in the hall. He has a kind, soft expression, lovely dark eyes, raised brows and like his sister a wonderful elegance and raciness throughout. He has strong hind quarters for one so young with a great bend of stifle and short hocks. I will watch his future progress with interest

3rd Roberts – Polmennor Merry Maiden

Puppy (4)

1st Roberts – Polmennor Spinning Moons

2nd Watts – Polmennor Tom Bawcock

3rd Hawke – Lynwood Laced with Love

Junior (3, 1a)

1st Meadows – Gwendariff D’Ya Like Me Best - This young lady was outstanding. She is just so pretty with a lean head and a raised brow that gives her such softness in her expression. She has a strong, straight front with very neat, tight feet. She is well bodied with a correct depth of chest and well sprung ribs which flow into a well muscled loin and a good bend of stifle. Her coat was a rich, dark chestnut that had a great shine. Immaculately presented, full of quality she did not put a foot wrong and won RBOB in a top class entry.

2nd Pym – Thendara The Watch Maker - Another rather special youngster who pushed the winner all the way in this class. Very mature young dog who was well handled and presented in an extremely professional manor. He is very handsome and masculine without being over done in any way. Fabulous reach of neck, lovely lay of shoulder and slopping top line. He was as fit as a fiddle, well muscled which showed as he moved effortlessly around the ring.

Graduate (10, 1a)

1st Meadows – Gwendariff D’Ya Like Me Best

2nd Partridge – Kerrydown One Man - This dog is just so handsome, he is all male but retains the required raciness. His head is 'scrumptious' such a soft, melting expression. He has strong bone and substance with tight , well padded feet. Shown in great condition, with a dark, straight, shining coat. His well angulated quarters enabled him to move with great drive and enthusiasm

3rd Pym – Thendara The Watch Maker

Limit (9, 1a)

1st Broad – Karidell Coral princess of Ermsbrook - It's always nice as a judge to find a quality exhibit that you have never seen before. This bitch won this class as she displayed a real depth of quality and complete soundness. She has a real, understated elegance about her and excels in breed type. Long, lean head with the desired chisaling to her brows giving her a kind, loving expression. Great depth of chest with well sprung ribs that were laid back into correct length of loin. She excels in hind angulation which she used to great advantage on the move.

2nd Partridge – Kerrydown Night Hawk - Rangy young dog who really excelled himself on the move. Shown in great coat and condition he is all male without being heavy in any way. Wonderful reach of muscular neck, good shoulder angulation with desired depth of body. Strong bone and well muscled quarters. He moved with much animation and a lashing tail.

3rd Fauvrelle – Clonageera Walk In The Sun

Open Dog (6)

1st Beresford Polmenneor Funtime ShCM - A really eye-catching dog who is so sound throughout. Kind, gentle expression, he has a real balance to his head piece, with low set ears and he is masculine without any sign of heaviness. He has a strong, muscular, racey frame and looked like he could run in the field all day. Superb angulation fore and aft with strong hind quarters, fabulous bend of stifle and short hocks. He really pushed the girls hard in the challenge for BOB.

2nd Meadows – Gwendaiff The Big Attraxion – A very different dog to 1 but another quality boy. He has great balance throughout with a flowing topline, good length to his loin, a deep, well rounded chest and powerful hind quarters. He moved with verve and panache combined with a little bit of mischief!

3rd Gardiner – Blaysdell Keiran

Open Bitch (6, 2a)

1st Partidge – Kerrydown Octavia – she is simply stunning, I was overwhelmed by her classic beauty and breed type. I thought her head and expression was as near to perfect as I have seen, a kind but mischievous expression that just melted your heart when she looked up adoringly at her owner. She excels in femininity and elegance, is so sound, full of quality and was on top form today. She is very well constructed throughout with a great layback of shoulder and strong hind quarters which she used drive around the ring on a loose lead with her head held high. She has a wonderful forward reaching action to her movement and maintained her flowing topline at all times. She really stood out in a large, quality entry and I was very pleased to award her BOB and was so happy for her owner/breeder/handler when she was awarded BIS4 at this prestigious show.

2nd Pike Redclyst Aura – This bitches exquisite head has often stopped me in my tracks when I have seen her so I was really pleased to get the opportunity to judge her. Her head has a great balance to it with a well defined stop, expressive brows and dark eyes. She has an elegant reach of neck, a great depth of chest and well spring ribs. Her dark chestnut coat was presented in wonderful condition. It was such a shame that in the challenge for RBOB she lost a bit of confidence and decided to squat down a little on her hind quarters which spoiled her overall outline.

3rd Roberts - Polmennor For Fun

Veteran (5, 1a)

1st Roberts - Lynwood Theme Song for Polmennor – This bitch was elegance personified. She just flows from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. A really experienced show girl who had to work hard to win this lovely class. She is superbly constructed with no hint of exaggeration. At the age of 11 she still looks like she could run all day and really out moved many of the exhibits today. I was so pleased to award her BV as after the class I learnt that this was her final show. She had a lovely party held for her after the judging – a special day for a special girl.

2nd Roberts – Polmennor Willow Pattern – built on very similar lines to 1 and I was really splitting hairs between them. Another beauty with a long, lean head, dark almond eye low set ears and flowing topline. She just lacked the condition of 1 on the day.

3rd Cooper - Shenanagin Sailing Home to Hugared

Jo-Anne Parsons


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