Judge:  Terry Crossman (Janter)

BOB  Gardner -  Blaysdell Keiran
RBOB and BOS Broad - Karidell Coral Princess of Ermebrook
BPIB  Gardiner - Harreds Tobie of Blaysdell

Puppy 2
1st  Gardiner - Harreds Tobie of Blaysdell
2nd Coleman - Devacott Rose Creek

Grad 10 (3 abs)
1st  Steer - Glennara Never Say Never for Trehelga
2nd Partridge - Kerrydown Odds On
3rd  Pym - Thendara The Watchmaker
Res Watts - Polmennor Tom Bawcock
VHC Coleman - Devacott Jingles Bell

limit 5 (1abs)
1st  Gardiner - Harreds Harlie of Blaysdell
2nd Roberts & Cormack - Sangarah Shared Romance with Polmennor
3rd Watts - Anlory Ben Nevis
Res Penford -  Orlanset Philomena

Open Dog 5 (1abs)
1st  Andrews - Millcroft Moon Riot
2nd Bayliss - Lindenjo Mallard
3rd MacDonald -  Redclyst Kearney
Res Ord - Heathclare Home Of The Brave

Open Bitch 8 (2abs)
1st  Broad - Karidell Coral Princess of Ermebrook
2nd Partridge - Kerrydown Octavia
3rd  Andrews - Millcroft Scarlett Moon
Res Pike - Redclyst Aura
VHC Roberts - Lynwood Full Of Grace At Polmennor

Veteran 7
1st  Gardiner - Blaysdell Kieran
2nd Partridge - Kerrydown My Guy JW Sh.CM
3rd  Roberts - Polmennor Willow Pattern
Res Roberts - Polmennor For Fun
VHC Beresford - Polmennor Funtime Sh.CM

Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge


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